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  • Launch your Website in Minutes
  • Launch your Website in Minutes
  • Launch your Website in Minutes

Everything You Need to Build Your Website

Create a website, online store in minutes & go live the same day! No coding required. Surprisingly swift, free and easy to customize, your all-in-one website builder.

  • Easy as 1-2-3

    Easy as 1-2-3

    Select from our range of stunning templates, customize it according to your business specifics and click Publish. Isn’t it super easy & quick?

  • Real-time Editing

    Real-time Editing

    Edit your website right from the screen you are looking at. No need to re-login. And preview your edits before you save them.

  • Absolutely NO Coding

    Absolutely NO Coding

    Ideal for all the non-geeks. Follow the elementary directives and you would be done with a splendid website in no time.

  • Stunning Web Designs

    Stunning Web Designs

    Unparalleled designs from the veteran designers. We make sure to keep upgrading our gallery with new styles and upcoming features.

  • Industry Specifics

    Industry Specifics

    Tailor-made web designs with imbibed engaging SEO content specifically for your industry. We have more than 72 verticals and plan to add more.

  • Superior Cloud Hosting

    Superior Cloud Hosting

    Matchless reliability and speed offered by Amazon AWS cloud services across the globe. We make sure to serve you with just the best.

All The Tools You Need

Simple, Efficient And Powerful Tools For A Gratifying Online Experience.

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There’s Something for Everyone

Fast and easy way to build websites.

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Hire A Professional

Let’s both of us do what we are best at. Share your design preferences, vision, and content with us, and allow our passionate designers to give shape to your dream. We promise to deliver a stunning website within 5 working days.

Build for Your Industry

Well designed, customized, focused, functional and researched keyword based templates to reach out to your global customers without much efforts and hassles. We have 1000s of templates as per your industry.

“Go online”

Empowering Customers<br> Across The Globe

Empowering Customers
Across The Globe

From one-page portfolios to multi-page marketing sites to converting eCommerce, we have done it all. And that’s what makes us one of the fastest growing website builder. Check out our Website Gallery for some latest designs.

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We are here for you. Whether you are browsing through our website or building your website through Web Start Today builder, we are there to support you. Get instant answers from our extensive knowledge base by going to Help Center or simply type in your query in the floating blue widget.

Stellar Support to Guide You Impeccably


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