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Small Businesses Turn to Online Marketing for Success

For small businesses online marketing is not just a part of their business, it’s a major portion of their advertising budget. Businesses need to cater to their customers, and be where they want them to be. The 2012 holiday season shopping trends reveal that customers today want to do their research and shopping online. Even if they end up buying a product at a store, they want to be able to find out information and compare prices online. Businesses website that recognize this and put their marketing dollars into online advertising will be successful. Not only do businesses need to

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Three Ugly Truths about Website Design Templates

It’s tempting to believe that all one needs to succeed online is access to a few quality website design templates. After all, when you read the sales copy of template-selling websites and see the previews of what your site may look like after downloading their latest templates, you see the look of success. But everything in the website design and template world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As you’ll see here, there are three ugly truths about HTML template selling websites that you’ll want to be aware of before you make your next template purchase. Ugly Truth #1:

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