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Online Sales Trends – Know Your Data & Maximize Your Profit [Infographic]

According to a survey conducted by the research firm, eMarketer, online sales via smartphones and tablets in US were up 81% in 2012 to $24.66 billion and will further rise to $38.40 billion in 2013, clearly indicating a big boom in this sector. The results of the survey published in January this year, further confirmed that apparel and accessories is the fastest growing category of online sales among nine major categories. Going by the figures, here is an infographic explaining how e-retailers can use their data to maximize profits, avoid lost sales and optimize their supply levels. Thus, we conclude that size

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Quick Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Local marketing for small businesses is as important as breathing for humans. Small businesses can thrive on local marketing as it directly targets their potential and loyal customers. Most of the customers these days are either searching for products online or going through product reviews on various websites. Online local marketing creates visibility and provides credibility to small businesses. Also, local marketing through the internet requires minimum cost and time but yields maximum results. Every small business owner should take advantage of these quick local marketing tips: Connect on Social Media: Create aFacebook fan page, Twitter and Google Plus business

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How to Choose the Best Website Builder

Website builders have made advertising and marketing businesses online quite simple and effortless. Gone are the days when business owners had to be dependent on website designers and developers for every small detail related to their own website. These builders have made online marketing a cakewalk for most of the small business owners, who cannot afford to spend time and money on custom designed websites. There are a number of online website builders that offer various distinct features, but finding the one that presents the perfect combination is a tough choice. Here is a checklist of features that one should

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