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Online Sales Trends – Know Your Data & Maximize Your Profit [Infographic]

According to a survey conducted by the research firm, eMarketer, online sales via smartphones and tablets in US were up 81% in 2012 to $24.66 billion and will further rise to $38.40 billion in 2013, clearly indicating a big boom in this sector. The results of the survey published in January this year, further confirmed that apparel and accessories is the fastest growing category of online sales among nine major categories. Going by the figures, here is an infographic explaining how e-retailers can use their data to maximize profits, avoid lost sales and optimize their supply levels.


Thus, we conclude that size does matter and it matters a lot as far as e-retailer’s profits are concerned. XS and XXL sizes may not generate high demand, but consumers are willing to pay more for them. E-retailers need to distribute inventory evenly as per the demand instead of blindly following the 1-2-2-1 rule to avoid lost sales. In addition, they need to abbreviate the size labels to cash in on the latest trends in online consumer buying behavior.

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