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May 8th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Almost all the companies and businesses are jumping online every day to increase the business through internet, and same is the case with the accountants firm. Whether he is an individual accountant or a group of accountants running a firm, it is advisable to have their own website. The professional service providers like mortgage advisors, financial advisors and accountants need website for their online promotion and for attracting more and more clients.

Goal of the website

Every website is established with an aim, whether it is a shopping website or charity website. The design of the website depends upon its mission and goal. In case of accounting website the type of services available must be mentioned in a clear manner for the ease of the customers. It must contain the details related to accounting services like investment strategies, taxation, business planning and advises. The content of the website must focus on the objective of the website.

The accountant website must have the following features:

  • Simple and attractive domain name

The domain name represents the type of business or profession on the internet. It should be simple and small so that it can be easily remembered by the regular visitors. The website builders are providing the facility of domain registration nowadays, so it has become easy for the accountants to create their website on their own.

  • Easy to understand application

The accountant’s website must contain an easy to understand applications like payment gateway integration with the website to accept all types of payments in an easy way.

  • Link for staff profile

The profile of the staff members or the individual like qualification details, types of cases handled and other important information like license number must be mentioned in the form of a link on the home page of the accountant’s website. It not only creates trust in the mind of the visitor, but all helps in converting them into permanent clients.

  • Color combinations and design

The website of the accountant must be filled with contrast colors. The background colors must be simple and soft to make reading easy for the visitor. The design should be easy to navigate and the accountant’s website must allow the user to move from one page of the website to another easily. It must contain relevant images and pictures to attract the visitors.

  • Newsletter on the website

In order to maintain the continuous visit of the customer on the site the accountant can also add the feature of monthly or weekly newsletter on his website. Through this he can add the latest information of the firm in the form of articles on his website. This keeps the visitor informed about the latest information and also keeps them updated.

With the help of website builder the accountant can regularly update his website by adding new content and images. It must contain the relevant information related to the work and services of the accounting firm.

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