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May 24th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

A zillion of screens have cropped up including all shapes and sizes of tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. And very unlike good old days, people not just own these gadgets but prefer playing, working and BROWSING on them over the basic computing device- Computer. These changing habits led to altered user’s expectation towards their surfing experience, a wish for comfortable and swift browsing just like on a desktop.

Keeping up with the trend, Web Start Today, Inc., one of the premium do-it-yourself website builders has released an extensive range of responsive web designs, free of cost. Keeping in mind the latest gadget trends- these designs are endowed with superior technical features, where in your website doesn’t distort, the graphics doesn’t stretch or shrink and the content stays intact weather the user opens on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone

Through these latest Responsive Web Designs, we propose that design and development should be in accordance to the user’s behavior and environment which means the screen size, platform and orientation. In simple terms, when a user shifts from notebook to ipad, the website should respond accordingly, automatically, i.e.; adjust resolution, image size and scripting abilities. Thus, eliminating the need for the time, money and effort required for a different website design for every new device. Responsive Website Design is going to be your answer to every device.

So what’s the catch? The only catch could be the ability to reach out and provide greater user experience across the devices, because of which your website traffic might increase, which might lead to more sales, and more “out of stock” tags for you. So, are you sure you can manage high sales, if yes, start here.

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