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June 21st, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Web Start Today is proud to be featured in Google Apps Marketplace, productivity category.

While websites are said to be face of your business on the internet space, Google Apps Marketplace integration will provide more efficient ways to work and communicate through your website. If you’re already hooked to Google Apps, then this integration is especially for you, making your work day smoother. Right from the moment you login while starting your day at work, and start going to and fro from handling your email, to documents, to managing your billing and bookkeeping, now you can edit, update your website as well and keep it up-to-date all through the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.  And in case you want your executive to make the required updates on the website, through Google Apps Marketplace you can define, which apps your employees can use.

To further ease, Web Start Today has been integrated, which means if you’ have already logged in to your Google account you don’t need to sign-up or log-in again. Just hit the Web Start Today app icon, and you’ll be ready to edit your site!

How to Start?

  1. Create a Google Apps account from http://www.google.com/a or if you already have than log in.
  2. Open the Google Apps Marketplace and look for Web Start Today  listing under the Productivity category , or simply go to, http://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/viewListing?productListingId=19250+5437170900625362704&category=&query=web+start+today
  3.  Now quickly press “Add it Now” button at the top right and enter the name of your Google Apps hosted domain; If you’re not already logged in to your Google Apps account, you’ll be prompted for your username and password here, so please login if you missed on first point.
  4. Now, the page would be diverted to Web Start Today’s Google Apps signup page, click on “Already have a Web Start Today account?” and login through your Web Start Today login details. And enjoy the seamless experience of Web Start Today on Google Apps.

Do visit and install the Web Start Today app today, and give us a rating or review!

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