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March 22nd, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Welcome to our blog at WebStartToday.com. At this blog, we will keep you posted about our product features, new services, promotions and critical insights for small businesses to succeed online.

Consumers are interacting online like never before and their buying habits too are morphing at a frenetic pace. What worked for online success a year ago doesn’t hold true anymore. Businesses that intend to stay in step with the evolving marketplace will find our blog full of compelling, useful information.

One thing that sets us apart from other business website design solutions is the speed at which a website can go online. With Web Start Today’s website builder, it really can be just a matter of minutes to build a website complete with:

  1. Industry-Specific Website Design
    Websites designs that come from Web Start Today are targeted to the needs of each type of business. Highly relevant, engaging content and images are built into every website you create. We offer websites for more than 70 diverse industries, ranging from Plumbers and Electricians to Accountants and Architects to Insurance Agents and Doctors. Check out our Showcase of Website Design.
  2. Wide Range of Choices
    Choose from 1,000+ website designs matching a diverse range of business sectors. Adding glitter to the gold, each design comes in multiple color options. Changing designs and trying new designs is child’s play. If you can point and click using a mouse and a computer screen, you are good to go. See for yourself how easy it is to create a website.
  3. Search Engine Readiness
    No more hiring a specialist for help with on-page optimization of your website so search engines can index it thoroughly. Web Start Today websites are loaded with everything that helps search engine robots to easily parse, index and rank high on search engines, including effective in-page content and metatags such as page titles and descriptions, sitemaps, robots.txt and a hierarchical content structure.
  4. Tools for Business Growth
    We offer free online courses on how to build an effective website and marketing your business online as well as step-by-step instructions to useful features to help you command the web. These include how to: submit your website to the major search engines and local business directories to help increase visibility, create E-mail accounts with your domain name to reinforce branding and professional credibility, and add Google Analytics to your website to monitor performance.
  5. Free websites, no credit card required
    That’s right, you can create your website and publish it online completely free for the first year on a shared domain name (BusinessName.WebStartToday.com). Absolutely no credit card is required. If you would prefer to publish on a domain name you purchase or transfer, we offer several billing plans sure to fit your budget. The longer the term, the greater your savings and 1-year or longer terms include the purchase or transfer of your domain name free for the first year.

The website builder tool at WebStartToday.com was created by a team of talented developers who know American small businesses like no one else. We know what will work for your business and what your customers need to build trust in you. Go ahead and give our website builder a try, it’s completely risk-free. Here’s to Your Success with Web Start Today’s Website Builder.

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