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Watch FIFA World Cup™ Live

Its good fun to watch the Soccer World Cup at home, great to watch it with friends on a big screen, and simply out of the world to sit midst the thundering crowd, cheering , giggling, having the time of the life watching the greatest game of the year, FIFA 2014 LIVE. And we, at Web Start Today plan to make it happen for you. Tweet #webstarttoday & WIN a ticket to FIFA WORLD CUP™*. Seriously! Simply include the hashtag #webstarttoday with your tweets, as much as you can and the more you include, better are your chances to make it to

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Cheer Your Favorite FIFA Team With Élan!

Its time of the year when your adrenalin rush is at its peak, there is no more fight for the TV remote and when even an Angeline Jolie or a Brad Pitt movie can’t make your heart move, it’s  time for one of the biggest and the most celebrated sporting competition in the world — The FIFA World Cup. And to make it more exciting for you, Web Start Today is giving away FREE* T-Shirts of your favorite team. Login to Web Start Today’s Facebook page and answer the FIFA TRIVIA OF THE DAY and win a free t-shirt every

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