Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name

November 4th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Formerly, computers used IP addresses, a series of numbers to recognize each other, but that was quite challenging with the growing internet popularity and population. It was difficult to remember anything by their unique IP address, and hence Domain Names, your virtual address. And today with approx. 3 billion internet users all over the world, getting a right domain name is as significant as creating a perfect website. So what does this right domain name mean, let’s see here:

Keyword is the Key

Try and think of top 5 keywords that describe the core of your business. Something that you want the customer to relate it to you. For instance, for Web Start Today, its web, website, website builder, or quick websites. Now with more than 1 billion websites on www, getting a single word domain is quite difficult, so start prefixing or add suffix to make it more interesting and closer to the product. Like here means starting your web presence today.

Short, Unique, & Eye-catchy

One of the main reason behind moving from IP addresses to domain names was memorability. So make sure, you keep it short and exclusive, so as it is easy to remember. Try to capture the name and the theme of the business, so that the name relates to business and the customer understands your business through the name itself.

Domain Extension

While .com still stays the most common and prevalent domain extensions, with the advent of localization and personalize experiences, other domain extensions are soon catching up, with the added advantage of more choices available and affordable pricing. Also, domain extensions like .edu, .gov, .travel, .us, .aus, .ca, etc., help in defining the business nature and target area, right from its domain name.

Reliable Hosting

Post deciding on a domain name comes the domain buying and hosting. Make sure you properly check through and decide on a partner which not only offers maximum uptime, but also provides several add-on services, including free email hosting, and much more. Web Start Today for instance provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting and if you take a yearly package, they not just give you a discount of 2 months fee but also offer a FREE custom domain for your website.

So what are you waiting for, grab yours now.

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