How to Solve the Biggest Problems With eStore

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With eStore

September 18th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

eStores open an array of new markets for your business. They are open 24/7 and seamlessly overcome the limitation of a physical store with a global presence, but they do come with some added understanding to your business. Some things that you need to take care, plan and understand while venturing into an online store and making it a success:

  • Intelligent Platform

A lot of time goes in understanding and setting up an online store. So, it is wise to first spend some time selecting a robust platform, which supports the latest features, for instance social media integration, mobile-friendly, easy to edit/update, and more, so as to make a long term decision. Or you could simply log-on to

  • Product Image and Information

Very much unlike an eStore, a customer has a choice to pick up the chosen product, touch/feel it, and further ask for more information in case of a brick and mortar shop. Thus, the need to add all the relevant information and images from all the angles. Web Start Today Web Shop proudly allows you to add up to 8 images per product and enough space to describe your product and its specifications, making it not just visually but factually also appealing.

  • Easy Navigation

Another very important feature for any eStore is the ease of navigation. It is imperative for the online store to steer the customer to the next step, before he/she starts searching for it or gets lost and leave in-between. The design should be simple enough so as not to confuse the customer and at the same time smart enough to engage and make him/her buy.

  •  Customizable Rules and Settings

Something that usually skips your mind while making a choice is customizability. Can you change the rules, if required? Can you set different shipping rates for different places? How about taxes? These things are very important and play an important role in your business. An online store should allow you to tailor your rules and regulations, and allow you to update whenever business demands.

  •  Simple and Secure Process

Did you know that an average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.91%, isn’t it quite huge? And the major reason behind this is security or a long, complex process post adding to the cart. The customer service doesn’t end at the moment he/she decides to buy, but rather it starts a new journey, and an online store should make sure, to make its journey smooth enough, so that the customer comes back and becomes a loyal customer. For similar reasons, Web Start Today has all its Web Shop templates integrated with just the best, PayPal.

While above are certainly some of the significant factors you need to consider while making a decision, but what makes Web Start Today stand far ahead in the race is, is its ability to serve you with little extra every time; little extra of our support, little extra than the average industry technology, and little extra affordable.


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