A word of caution for SEO buyers: Be Informed Correctly

May 29th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

An increased level of competition between SEO agencies has clouded the judgment of the clients. Each SEO agency is doing its best to capture the market and increase their share of it, and this has led to more aggressive marketing tactics. The downside of all this increased competition has been increasingly misleading information and misconceptions being created. This leads a situation where SEO buyers have unachievable expectations of what SEO seller are capable of.

Some SEO agencies have strived to simplify the proposals they offer to the prospective buyers in an effort to reduce the amount of misinformation out there. The simplification efforts have largely been focused on explaining how different skill sets and experience levels can lead to hugely varying quotations for similar or hard to differentiate services.

For SEO services to prove to be a viable service avenue, several changes need to take place. The first is that compensation for SEO services should be pegged on Return on Investment, ROI. The second is the incorporation of the sales process as a value indicator. This would enable the SEO buyers to see the value in the product they are getting. Lastly, it is important that information on what SEO can achieve under what conditions and in what periods needs to be availed to the SEO buyers. Preferably, this should be implemented in an easy to understand manner for the SEO buyer.


1.       Promises of increased sales conversions

SEO is a process that increases the visibility and ease of finding your content on the web. It is not a magic tool that increases your sales overnight. SEO sellers need to be careful when making promises about increased sales conversions. What they are adequately capable of doing is making you more visible within the web context. For sales to increase, there has to be a ready market for the product you are selling and the quality of product needs to be good.

It is possible for the SEO agency to increase your sales conversion. However, this is hinged on two conditions. The first is that they must have sales consultants within their ranks. These would help with the process of constructing an SEO campaign that increases sales. The second is the SEO agency must be granted complete access and control over the sales processes of the client. Where the sales consultant is not available within the SEO agency, it is possible to seek the services of a sales process consultant.

2.       Promises of a number one rank on popular search engines

This is a plainly dishonest trick frightfully common with SEO agencies. The truth is the number of factors that go into determining rank on search engine result pages is exceedingly high. Furthermore, most of these factors are beyond the control of the SEO agency and the business being optimized. Algorithmic changes to organic search results have led to a situation where it is impossible to determine all the factors taken into account when determining rank.

The factors you are in control of are relevancy and authority of the content you provide under a particular keyword. The focus of the SEO agency should therefore be on helping the business optimize the content provided under the keyword. The beauty of the SEO system is that where a website consistently provides relevant and authoritative content on a particular keyword, it can be guaranteed consistently highpositions on organic search engine results.

3.       Disregard of the effect of content marketing on SEO

Algorithmic changes in the design of search engines have created more focus on the content supplied rather than the keyword itself. To this effect, concerted effort by search engine providers to provide their users with quality content has been undertaken. This was informed by the proliferation of websites that employed black hat SEO such as keyword stuffing to boost rankings.

For effective SEO,  the website must have an accompanying content marketing strategy. This helps create powerful social signals and acts as the foundation for building a network of backlinks. The company must provide content that is updated, relevant, and unique if it is to convince search engines that it deserves a high rank. The company being optimized must, therefore, invest time and energy into the content marketing strategy if it’s SEO is to be truly effective.

4.       Disregard of the effect of social media on the effectiveness of SEO

The rise of business in social media has led to an effect termed social signals. Search engine algorithms now respond to social signals. This is informed by an active decision to create a holistic approach to organic searches. The important effect to consider within the SEO buying and selling context is that SEO services are incomplete if they do not incorporate a proactive social media strategy.

The best way to incorporate social media into SEO is to distribute optimized content across all the available platforms. This enables the business to build credibility and relevance.

In conclusion, SEO clients need to be aware of these tricks. They must be mindful of the devastating effect this has on their overall success and their impact on ROI. SEO agencies, on the other hand, need to desist from these if their services are to be worth anything.

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