Best Sale-Driven Digital Coupon Strategies for Small Businesses

April 25th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

There are times when your sales are low and more and more of your customers are watching their expenditure and trying not to spend money which will lead to exceeding their budget. This is a common scenario after the holiday or the festival season gets over, and when people prefer sitting in their homes and buying fewer things to cover up all the extra money which they spent in the last few days.

Now having a huge business in place and a number of working professionals under you obviously help as you have been in such a situation earlier and have a strategy to deal with this. However if you are a small business owner, it is a tough time for you as sales are at the lowest and there is no immediate way you find to bring them up. Well, there is a way out, something which acts like a double sword by not only increasing sales but forming customer loyalties as well. It is the digital coupons, which you can use to help your business in such times. Digital coupons are very helpful as they can be distributed easily through texts, emails and social media channels but having a digital coupon strategy in place are very important. Mentioned below are a few of the key points which can be used in forming digital coupon strategy for small business owners.

Reward Your New Customers as Well

Rewarding your customers with a coupon the moment they join your email list or make a purchase on your website is another digital coupon strategy which can be used to promote your company and make sure that the customers remember you. Instant coupon offers as they are called, help in forming a list of customers which can be targeted for coupons which will be sent in post holiday scenario as well, and can be sent using text or email later. This will not only drive sales but will also make your business look more attractive and customer-friendly at the first go when people sign up, online or in-store.

Make Use of Text Messages

Cell phones are a part of life for everyone now and more than emails, we depend on mobile phones to get all the latest news happening around us. This means that mobile obviously is handier as it is with you all the time and the customer don’t have to open his or her email account to get access to it. It goes well especially with food joints and businesses as people can easily use the coupon whenever they need it. Text messages also ensure a feeling of being the privileged customers which help in sales.

Be Clear About Your Offers

You have a business which is being run on a relatively small budget, which calls for clarity in whatever you do. Once you have decided to create a digital coupon strategy, be sure that the coupons which you release clearly states the offers and the discount they promise. You also should ideally put a time limit to your coupons as they increase the eagerness and curiosity for them to be used. This is important as your customers will increase and they will also trust the company more.

Create Brand Loyalties

Reward your fans and followers on your social media pages as well as your regular customers by providing them with attractive and customized coupons depending on their shopping style. Send in an attractive coupon while you are delivering the product at their doorstep or if they are purchasing it right from your physical store. Keeping them happy is the key so that they come back for more.

Also, distributing coupons to your social media fans help not only in increasing sales among the present fans, but generating more clients and fans for your service. When people will come to know that they get an attractive deal just by liking a Facebook page and by becoming a part of an email list, they will definitely want to be a part of it.

Continue With Your Coupon Strategy throughout the Year

Digital coupons are a two way road as they benefit you as a business and your customers as well. This is why they are of use when your sales are higher, as more sales never hurt. This means you do not have to limit sending coupons only during the post holiday period as this strategy works round the year and coupons can be used at any time. If you do not feel the need to send coupons very often then a monthly coupon policy can be put to use where you send them in with your monthly newsletter, to people who are interested in your product. It will set a pattern and people will look forward to using your coupons during the holiday period as well as the post holiday period alike.

These strategies are cost-effective and easy to use, as digital coupons can be generated very easily and can be distributed with channels which are generally available free of cost.

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