Copywriting tips for increasing sales

April 30th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Copywriting is both a science and an art. Some people say that the great copywriters are born with talent and in others view it is a science. The flow of words in a written copy is the art and the use of keywords at a correct place is a science. Both these are important for copywriting and the copywriter must follow the following tips.

  • An attractive and relevant headline is very important to attract the customers and increasing the sales. It has been recorded that 80% of the sales come in to action because of great headlines.
  • The most important tip for the copywriter is to write the copy keeping in mind the customer’s point of view. He has to put himself in to the shoes of the customer to understand his requirement. For a copywriter it is essential to know about what makes the customer excited about the products and services offered on the website.
  • The most essential thing for the customer is to know about the benefit he is going to receive by availing the particular product or service. So, it has become compulsory for the copywriter to mention all the features as well as the benefits of the products or services to the customers.
  • Proofreading the copy is quite essential for avoiding the silly grammatical and spelling mistakes. It must be proofread by both the copywriter and one more person so that if something is left by the copywriter, it can be corrected by the other person.
  • The content of the copy created must have a personal touch like using the word “you” in the copy to address the customer. Instead of using the statements like “we give you”, the copywriter must try new statements like “Let me give you” or “I would like to give you”. This makes the content more interesting for the reader.
  • While creating the copy, the copywriter must be specific and clear especially about the headings. The words written must clearly deliver the message and the customer or reader does not have to search more for understanding the statement.
  • The most essential tip for copywriting is to keep the copy simple. It must be informative and contain useful contents that can benefit any person reading it. The potential customer always looks for something that is easily understandable.
  • Make the copy attractive and the offers and schemes must be highlighted on the landing page. To attract more and more customers and visitors it should be easy to reach and should not require the scrolling down of the page.
  • The testimonials are very helpful in attracting new customers and encouraging the existing as well as new customers to purchase the particular product or service. It is a powerful selling tool. The comments of the users matter a lot for the potential customers while purchasing the services or products.
  • Reading the copy loudly is a bit odd method but can help the copywriter to check the copy that it flows smoothly and sounds right.
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