DIY Tips for Better SEO

DIY Tips for Better SEO

November 11th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

SEO has become as significant as having a site these days. As it makes no sense to have a website which doesn’t rank on search engines. And yes, there are various SEO tips which you could apply on your own, without seeking an expert and spending dollars and boost your website’s search engine credibility. So without wasting much of your time, here’s a list from Web Start Today’s SEO experts for you to explore and exploit to fullest:

Keyword friendly site

Optimize your website with the converting, relevant, as well as long-tail industry keywords that matter to your business. It would be best, if you could get them right from the horse’s mouth, yes I mean customer. Through candid discussions with your loyal customers, surveys, or a website form, try and find out the exact words your prospect use to describe your product. Once you know this, structure your web content around it. And you are great to go!

Basic on-page optimization

While there is no question on Google’s smartness in recognizing the web page content focus and details, but experts suggest, it is better and SEO helpful to make an effort to display your focus keyword through various channels like Page URL, Title, Meta description, etc. These assets and including content are visible directly on search engine listing and thus add google as well as prospective customer’s attention. And you could easily manage all these under your Web Start Today’s Manage page settings.

Link it

Another very significant step yet something you need to be very careful about. While it’s rewarding to have good links which means links which are relevant and from a credible site; it is equally detrimental to have bad links. Bad links include fake, spam backlinks, backlinks created just to get SEO points and have no relevancy whatsoever, or backlinks from unreliable sites. We believe in great content, if the content is great, customers, visitors would automatically get charmed and link. You could try website inter-linking too.

Social Media and Blogging

Google encourages sharing of knowledge, ideas, and information and that’s why Social Media and Blogging. It takes an account of the interaction and buzz created and rewards accordingly. And also, a great piece of information, is an intelligent way to show off your expertise in the industry, attract customers organically and get yourself recognized too. But make sure you blog or share information about the things that matter, something related to your business, and best idea is to share in and around your key keywords.

Be up-to-date

Yes, we mean it. Up-to-date could mean a lot of things, and we mean all. To start with, considering the recent habits and technology advancements, you need to have an updated website, by that we mean a mobile friendly, responsive website. We could help you here too. Secondly, is to stay updated with your business rules, developments, and skills and update website accordingly, so as you show up the best 24*7.

Lastly, the very important, content. Make sure your content is fresh and unique. As a content would help google crawlers understand and rank you, it would aid you in gaining organic traffic because of its quality and knowledge shared and hence achieve social media traction as well. And if still need help, feel free to reach out Web Start Today experts.

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