How Can Small Businesses Leverage Social Media to Expand Their Reach

March 19th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

With an increase in the number of online users and customers, the importance of social networking sites and other platforms has also started to play a more important role in creating a wider and more successful online presence for a business. If you have experience in this arena and know how it works than you probably know how important social media can be to expand a small business.

Social media platforms and tools give you an opportunity to form better relationships with your customers on a more personal level and also attract potential customers by targeting groups who might be interested in your product. Once you know this, there is no time to waste and your first approach should be to focus on how you can use this great opportunity in popularizing your content and what you have to say. Below mentioned are a few of the tried and tested techniques which you can use in integrating social media in your online ventures.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Your business is small and runs on a budget and you cannot afford to waste money on activities which are not going to help you. This is the reason why you need to first research and find out as to what sort of platform or social media is being used the most by the customers you cater to and also the people who might be interested in using your product. If you cater to students then focusing on sharing your content on platforms like twitter and Facebook is a better option than LinkedIn which is for working professionals.

Share Quality Content

Another factor which cannot be ignored is the content which is being shared by you. Online world is full of people who want to hear you out but if you do not have anything worthwhile to say then your efforts will go waste. Focus on quality content which seeks to inform, educate and interact with people. This not only means that you have to give your fans something which will impress and intrigue them but also regularly update it with something new and better every time. Remember, be interesting and be consistent.

Craft a Social Media Policy

You have decided to go on board with social media campaigns to help your customers know more about your business and this will help you a lot. However, there are pitfalls too which can harm you. Make sure that no confidential content is being released by your employees and train them to handle various social media platforms.  Operations are important but before that you need to get a set of policies in place which govern the way your social media is going to be represented in the virtual world.

Keep It a Two-Way Road

Your venture is small and you do not have unlimited resources and this is why concentrating on small yet powerful measures is something you need to count on. This opportunity is provided by social media as now you can interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis and keep the conversation going. Interaction with customers lead to brand loyalty and ultimately leads to increased sales and this can be made possible by making sure your social media representatives constantly take the inputs and feedbacks of people and reply to their queries and comments with zeal. Once this framework of interaction is set, customers will be sure that your company values them and is doing its best in taking care of their needs and problems.

Make Use of Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are good for small ventures as they save time and money- two most valuable aspects of a company which has a lot to do and is working on taking off from the ground. There are a number of tools made for different purposes and by using them you can easily distribute and popularize your content, keep a tab of other campaigns, generate SEO and keywords for your product and other similar solutions.

Do Not Ignore Email Lists

With Twitter and Facebook on the block, companies have begun to perceive that email lists have taken a backseat and their importance has reduced. This is a wrong approach and you need to understand that with a wide range of social media platforms, acquiring email addresses have become an easy task and integrating email marketing with social media is the best thing you can do for your business. Automatic email marketing campaigns are still very much in the picture and they also help you in reaching potential customers more easily. The bottom line is use of email lists will help in hitting the bull’s eye.

Social media is an opportunity which serves you in every way and its multiple fold approach lets you focus on your old customers, your new customers as well as people who serve as your future potential clients. Using the above mentioned tips, you can easily target new groups of people and also create the need of your product in the market. Use of social media is going to increase in the coming years and not giving it a shot is doing harm to your own venture. Using it effectively will lead to gains in terms of sales as well as popularity and this is why every business which has the potential to grow should harness this branch of the online world.

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