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You might have certainly read a lot about social media campaigns, and have listed down hundreds of tips to effectively manage the same for your products or your online stores. But, what remains unanswered is – How to add value to your social media campaign? According to experts, adding value means – to make efforts not to sell your products, but to establish a relationship with your customers. It is really very difficult. Whatever we do through our social media campaign is only to sell our products, we rarely think about relationship with the customers, which is actually not correct.

Forget ‘Sell’, Add ‘Value’


It may sound strange but it is true that you should take care of your customers’ hobbies. Find out what your customers are doing in their lives. Find out what are their likes and dislikes. If you know one particular section of your customers in your followers list on Facebook like music, you should not hesitate to share updates about the music world. Upload music videos for them. If you can go further deeper, get involve in interaction with them once they comment on those videos. You can also upload news briefs- just couple words on the current affairs in that industry. Putting an update on their walls – “Your favourite singer is coming to your city” can strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Can you provide them free passes? Well! If you can’t afford free passes, at least give it to them for free with a pair of shoes. Isn’t it interesting? Here you are not selling products to them, but you are adding value to your social media campaign. That customer is going to give you a tight hug for giving him a chance to meet his favourite singer. This way, you are going to earn loyalty of that customer for life. Off course, it will require lot of efforts from your side.

Get closer to your customers. Tell them you are not just a company, but more than that. There are human beings working behind. There are many ways you can do it. The most important is to communicate with them very often. Don’t let their queries go in vain. Reply to them immediately. Interact with them and understand what they want from you. By the way, have you ever sent a “happy birthday message” to your customer?

Updating people about who are buying what from your store is also a good idea. Have posts that indicate your customers about the recent sales. Highlight the comments from the purchasers and let everyone know about it. Here, you are trying to influence them and not directly asking them to buy a certain products.

Providing useful information about the products, industry or latest trends to your customer is also a brilliant idea. Write in-depth article on you blog and divert customer to read the same. If you are a mobile seller, you should have articles on your blogs on the latest mobile trends, apps, games and other features.

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