Small Business Development: Helpful Outlook Features

June 22nd, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Remember being excited to find a toy in a cereal box? Those days might be over, but you can relive them, sort of, through the gems that come with Outlook. Using Outlook for E-mail is like eating the cereal. Discovering features such as Rules, Jump Lists, Distribution Lists and Delayed E-mail are the prizes. Using these features can help with your small business development.


Outlook knows how to play by the “Rules” you assign it for sent and received messages. Rules help you stay organized and up-to-date regarding E-mail. If your inbox becomes cluttered and messy, you might miss important E-mails, but you won’t if they are automatically routed to a folder that you know to check.

Microsoft Outlook Rules

  • Stay Organized Rules act as your personal file clerk. You can, for example, assign all E-mails from Jane Smith with “Sales” in the subject line to a folder named “Jane Smith Sales.”
  • Stay Up–to-Date Rules notify you when you receive a certain E-mail.
  • Start From a Blank Rule lets you create your own rules without using a template.

Jump Lists

When you are busy multitasking, you might appreciate Outlook’s Jump Lists feature, which makes Outlook even easier to use. If you use Outlook 2010 and Windows 7, you can use Jump Lists. This option saves you time by making Outlook features more readily available.

Microsoft Outlook Jump Lists

Pin Outlook to your Taskbar and simply click on it when you want to send an E-mail, create a new appointment or meeting, add a new contact or set a task. Being distracted by non-work related E-mails when you go into Outlook becomes a thing of the past.

Distribution Lists

If you have a group of people you regularly E-mail, place them in a Distribution List to save yourself from selecting individual names every time you need to E-mail the group. Think of a name for your group, and then add the members. The distribution list is stored in your Contacts folder. When you want to send an E-mail to the group, you need only select the group name, and the E-mail goes to everyone simultaneously.

Delayed E-mail

Some occasions might call for you to write an E-mail now that you don’t want the receiver to get until later. For example, if you are in E-mail mode and wish to send a reminder E-mail when it’s still hours before the recipient’s deadline, you can use the delay sending function located in the More Options group on the Options tab.

Microsoft Outlook Delayed Email Delivery

  • Click Message Options. Delivery Options lets you choose the date and time you want the E-mail sent.
  • Write the E-mail and hit send as usual. The E-mail sits in your outbox until the time you specified (or close to it). You can also delete the E-mail before it sends if you need to.

As you have learned, Outlook has plenty of ways to help with small business development. Please share your ideas and thoughts by leaving a comment.



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