Small Business Ideas that Don’t Cost a Lot to Implement

November 2nd, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Sometimes the hardest part of starting your own enterprise is coming up with a small business idea. If you don’t have a lot of business experience or start-up capital, you may think that you aren’t able to have your own business. But with a bit of creativity and entrepreneurship, there are many opportunities available.

While you are coming up with your small business idea, spend some time thinking about what people need. The best business is a product or service that you are passionate about and which also appeals to people’s basic needs, such as shelter, food, companionship, money, health or hygiene. Do some research online to see what it is that people buy. You can also investigate affiliate products or manufacturers with drop-shipping programs.

Here are some business ideas that don’t require an inventory and have low start-up costs.

  • Services – If you can perform a service such as landscaping, tailoring or dog grooming, you have a useful skill around which to base a business. You can start up your business by only purchasing supplies as you need them, to keep costs in check.
  • Freelancing – Skills such as writing and design work well for a freelance business, where you work on small jobs for a variety of clients. These businesses generally only require a computer, E-mail and an Internet connection.
  • Drop-shipping or affiliate marketing – You can set up an online business selling products that are drop-shipped by a supplier to your customers after they order. This means you don’t have to pay for or store inventory. is one place to look for product ideas and affiliate opportunities.
  • E-books – Any skill or knowledge that you have can be written up and made into an e-book to be sold online. You can sell it through your own website, or publish and sell it through
  • Consulting – If you have a skill that can benefit others, you can market yourself as a consultant. There are consultants in every field now, from business services to heath and fitness to environmental housing.

Once you’ve picked out a business idea, you’ll need to create a website for your product or services. Using Web Start Today’s website builder will get you up and running quickly.

Once your website is up, start marketing on social media. Take the time to set up company pages in Facebook and Google+ for your business, and stay active on LinkedIn. When you follow and participate in groups related to your product or service, you will establish yourself as an expert.

Also be sure to include your social media URLs in your E-mail signature and on your business cards so customers can connect with you, and sign up for a free Google Analytics account to track visitors to your website, in addition to monitoring your social media followers and activity. This will help you focus your marketing efforts.

Once you have a good small business idea, getting it up and running isn’t hard. By following these steps, you can choose a business that is easy to get set up and running quickly for a minimum investment.

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