Tips to Build a Strong Team and Add Value to Your Small Business

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Human resource is one of the biggest capitals in any business. This becomes more important when we are talking about small businesses as each employee plays a very vital role in running the show. As a manager you can least afford to have a high rate of attrition and your biggest goal must be to build a strong team and create a healthy work environment. This is easier said than done in a small company and requires skilfully handling the team. You need to turn a team of individuals into a one comprehensive unit that is willing to offer stiff competition to your business rivals. Here are some tips that can help you build a strong team in a small business.

Every Individual Is Different

All of us are different and have different views and opinions towards different things and events. Some are shy while others aggressively put their point forward. This becomes more so evident when the team size is small and it becomes difficult to reach consensus on different issues. As a manager you need to respect individuality of every person. You need always lend your ear to different opinions and suggestions and take decisions based on their merits. If you turn down somebody’s proposal it is important for you to cite reasons for doing so.

Communicate With Your Team
It is very important that you regularly communicate with your team members. This can be once in a month or three months where you discuss any pressing issue that might be affecting the performance of the individual or the team as a whole. These meetings should be both at the individual level and at the team level. This will help you sort out the issues in your organization. In a small organization communicating with the team in an informal way such as during lunch and coffee breaks also helps add to the team environment.

Celebrate Events
Remember the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The same applies even within your small business. At times you need to push all your work and projects aside and simply enjoy as a team. This can be as simple as celebrating birthdays of your team members or taking them out for a retreat where they get to know each other better and gel as a team. Such breaks also relax and rejuvenate your employees and increase their productivity. If all these are not possible you can create small weekly event where you organize some games or fun activities for the team members.

Set Goals And Reward Winners
As a small business you are always looking to grow and create a name for yourself in the market. As such you should always set goals for your employees at a team level.  This makes them work as a team and respond to the different challenges that come along the way. You can create small teams within your organization and make them compete against each other and reward the best performing team. This acts as a great recognition for the performers and also encourages others to put in better effort in the future.

Right Man For The Job
Though you might think this has got very little to do with building a team but the fact is you won’t have a strong team without strong individuals. Often some employees might find themselves disillusioned with the role they are playing in the organization. They might be better suited for some other job in your firm rather than what they are doing right now. It just becomes very important for you to have the right person for the right job. This helps you keep the team happy and increase the productivity of the organization.

Resolve Conflicts As They Happen
In a small workplace conflicts between employees are quite common and as a manager you need to deal with such conflicts as and when they happen. If you sit back on such a conflict for too long there are chances that this might escalate into something big and jeopardise the entire team. Thus it is very important for you to get into the root of the problem and solve it. You would need to hear from both sides in case of a conflict and reach a decision based on facts of the matter. You may not be able to make everyone happy with your decision but you need to take one in the best interest of the business.

The above mentioned tips can go a long way in creating a strong bond between your employees and helping you achieve faster growth. There are other specific things that you might need to work on based on the niche needs and relationship between your different team members.

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