Inbound Marketing Trends of 2014

May 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

If we were to resurrect dead CEOs who lived half a century ago, they would be overwhelmed not only with the sophisticated gadgets and the technology we have today, but more importantly, with the number of audience a company could reach in a minute. It is a whole new ball game.

The thing is, Inbound Marketing evolves faster than the time it was created.  More so, it keeps developing, it is constantly changing; the market has never been so huge and yet so detail specific. There is no one ultimate formula that will reach your audience and generate results for your company.

Your market, being so diverse, has to be reached in different ways. It could be that you’re wondering and are quite dazed with the fact that you don’t know how to reach your market.

Gear up! Here are the biggest Inbound Marketing Trends of 2014.


Since the internet became the main springboard of modern advertising, the open door in mobile marketing has never been wider because of Smartphones. E-mails and social networking sites are accessed through mobile phones. Even though making phone calls has proven to be an effective tool in reaching your clients, mobile application developers have partnered with advertisers in search of a wider market platform. They have uncovered their pot of gold.


The challenge to provide engaging content has never been more strenuous than now. Companies struggle to get the onlookers’ attention. However, it’s just the beginning; they are obliged to keep them interested. These are the qualities a well written content must have:

  • Relevance

Your content must be modern enough for the younger professionals and at the same time, sensible enough for the more mature readers.

  • Reliable Information

People look for solid facts and reliable information. Never fail them. Once proven, they will depend on you, which is one of the things you would want to happen.

  • Entertainment

Younger companies have proven that fun is co-existent with success. And content does not have to be the stern boss who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s more like a friend inviting you for a drink.


As the years progress, so is the number of young adults and adults who use social networking sites. Gone were the days when only teens utilized networking web platforms. Businesses have made sure that they are not left behind. Besides the fact that it is cost effective, the word-of-mouth strategy most companies have relied on have never been more powerful, as it only takes one link to copy and paste, then share it to thousands of people ranging from kids to retirees across the globe.


Companies have been expanding. They spend more money on SEO. In fact, most companies have plans to increase their budgets on this due to the fact that it helps increase their presence online, not to mention that it makes their market reach them easier, too. Keyword search results have cemented its reputation in making the company and the client meet.

As you see the market evolve in front of your eyes, you have to make the proper adjustments in order for you to keep up on the game and stay relevant and competitive. These trends above have proven to be tools that garner the results you seek. Investing in them is one decision you will never regret.

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