AdWords Help: Boost AdWords ROI with Ad Extensions

August 7th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Today’s blog post highlights the basics of AdWords Ad Extensions. You can use Ad Extensions to boost the success of your small business marketing campaign by improving click-through rate and conversions. What do you need to know about this tool?

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions are features that display extra business information about your business. AdWords Ad Extensions can help your small business marketing campaign by:

  • Generating higher visibility
    Improved visibility in a stack of ads boosts click-through rate.
  • Increasing click-through rate
    A higher click-through rate increases your quality score, and ultimately results in a lower cost per click.

Types of Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad Extensions come in several varieties. Some may not be applicable to your business. Select the right extension to help boost the success of your AdWords campaign and improve your ROI.

  • Location
    The Location extension enables you to add an address to the campaign, or to link a Google Places account to the campaign.
  • Phone Number
    The Phone Number extension gives you the ability to add a phone number to your ad. This makes it easy for customers to call your business. With AdWords Ad Extensions, you can also get detailed reporting on the calls that come through your ads.
  • Sitelinks
    When you enable the Sitelinks extension, you can specify additional links to your webpage – beyond the main landing page – that appear below the text of an ad. You can create up to 10 sitelinks when you select your campaign’s settings, which you can use to shortcut to popular or important pages. Analytics within the Ad Extensions tab will show you how the ads that contain sitelinks are performing.
  • Product Extensions
    Product Extensions give you the ability to display images, titles and prices of your products from your Google Merchant Center account along with your ad. When users click on product images, they’re taken directly to the destination page listed for that product. This gives buyers additional incentive to click through, and can help to increase conversion rate.
  • Seller Rating
    The Seller Ratings extension provides customer-submitted rating information about sellers next to their AdWords ads. These ratings are based on aggregate reviews collected from across the Web by Google Shopping. Seller rating can help your customers see that you’re a well-rated merchant, and can help improve clickthrough rates by well-qualified leads.

How to Enable AdWords Ad Extensions

To enable AdWords Ad Extensions within your AdWords account:

  • Go to “New Campaign”
  • Select the type of campaign you’d like to create
  • In the Settings tab, you’ll have an option called “Ad Extensions”
  • Click the box next to the Ad Extension type you’d like to use in your new campaign

You can also share extensions between campaigns from the Ad Extensions tab.

AdWords Ad Extensions give you an excellent value-added tool to improve your small business marketing campaign. Select the right Ad Extensions for your business to boost your clickthrough rate and improve conversions.

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