Adwords Tips: Debunking the Top Six Myths on Adwords

August 24th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

You’ve come here for the Adwords tips. Sure, we want to give those to you – which we will – but we also hope you finish this article feeling a different attitude toward Google’s Adwords.

In fact, if your primary focus is small business marketing, we hold the hope of turning what you thought you knew about Google’s sponsored ad service completely around. So let’s start cracking those myths and learning the tips that truly make a difference.

Myth #1: Adwords is for the benefit of small business owners.

This is a great thought, especially if you’re in small business marketing yourself. But you forget Google is only interested in serving its customers – the same people you’re trying to reach. Adwords is a service designed to demote the ads that seek to manipulate its customers. Instead, you have to learn how to give the clickers what they want.

Even though Google gets money from people like yourself to run Adwords, Google’s first priority has always been the users’ search experience.

Myth #2: Adwords is easy to master.

Sure, sponsored search gets easier with technology, but we can’t offer you any Adwords tips unless we tell you the truth. Adwords is constantly evolving. It’s frequently updated, so much so that sometimes users will see several changes per day. You’d do better to evolve with it rather than adhere to a singular dogma on how to run Adwords.

Myth #3: Adwords automatically shows the best keywords to pick from.

If this is the extent of your keyword research – to trust Adwords – then you’re using “broad match” incorrectly. It’s a waste of money for small business marketing professionals because they don’t have the budgets to justify pursuing these keywords. Remember how we told you Adwords isn’t a friend of small businesses? Consider that “broad match” is the default option for the Adwords Keyword Tool, a decidedly unfriendly suggestion for people with low budgets.

Consider that Google’s own tutorial on the subject suggests that you use their keyword guide to figure out keywords, not to use exactly the results that are spit back at you, and you get the extent to which you’re expected to do work for yourself. When Google’s Adwords tips tell you the same thing, it’s time to listen.

Myth #4: Adwords campaigns can be set to a certain budget and time-frame and be left to run itself.

Nope. Advertises that don’t turn off non-performing keywords or ads quickly can get thrown out of the system by Google Adwords.

Myth #5: Local Search Volume of Keywords shows the search count for my location.

Yes, but if you’re expecting the precision of a zip code, you’ve got another thing coming. At best, it relates to the country chosen in the Adwords Keyword Tool advanced settings.

Myth #6: Adwords’ Keyword Tool’s number of searches shown is absolute.

Nope! It’s an approximation, a sign of relative strength. You didn’t think that certain keyword of yours really had precisely “1,500” searches last month, did you?

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