Facebook Profiles: How to Block Friends Without Offending Them

August 31st, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Be honest: if there weren’t so many benefits to owning Facebook profiles – sharing photos, keeping in touch with old friends, etc. – would you really still keep yours?

If privacy isn’t a relevant issue for you, it should be. We practically live our lives on Facebook these days, and considering how the default mode of sharing our information is “public,” there’s likely more information about you available online than you could possibly imagine.

Considering how many people live their social lives through their Facebook profiles these days, it’s not surprising that a lot of laundry gets aired via the Internet rather than over the phone or in person. This is especially a problem when you have a falling out with a friend who has a lot of information about you to share with the world.

Well, you don’t have to get rid of your Facebook profile in order to do things right; in fact, even those who try small business marketing and Facebook marketing can still keep their profiles in difficult situations. All that’s required is that you know how to block certain people from your profile if they’ve been causing you some trouble.

Why You Might Need to Block Some Profiles

You need to block certain profiles when they begin to violate your privacy, plain and simple. If you don’t believe that any problem on Facebook is serious enough for this to be the case, simple Google “Facebook stalking case” and see what some people are capable of.

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that one of your Facebook friends needs to be removed from your Facebook information in some way, you face a few options:

  • Disconnecting from them completely
  • Putting some friends on your Restricted list
  • Simply removing friends from your “Close Friends” list

Obviously, each of these options come with varying degrees of severity. It’s up to you to decide which option is best for the people who’ve been bothering you.

How to Block Facebook Profiles Without Them Knowing

Go to your Facebook page and click on the arrow in the upper-right corner. There should be an option that says “Privacy Settings.” Click on that option and scroll down to “Blocked People and Apps.” There will be an option to click there that says “Manage Blocking.” Click there to start managing who’s blocked on your Facebook profile.

Here, you face a number of options: you can add friends to the Restricted List, completely block users, block certain apps, etc. You don’t necessarily want to block a friend right away – you may just want to add them to your restricted list.

Your friends will not receive any notifications that they’ve been blocked in this way, so your moves here will remain private.

Luckily, privacy on Facebook can be had even in 2012 – you just have to know where to find it.

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