Google AdWords Help and Tips: AdWords 101

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Google AdWords is a great way for you to spread the word about your brand and business. Because AdWords is designed with such a robust set of features and tools, though, many businesses want more information or AdWords help in order to set up their accounts and ads.

Start with the Google AdWords Help Center

Google provides an extensive set of tutorials that feature descriptions, walkthroughs and AdWords tips. These tutorials cover:

  • Setup and Basics
    This part of the tutorial gives you an overview of AdWords and how it works, how much it costs and the basics of what an ad actually includes. You can get information on the components of a text ad, where your ads can appear and tips for crafting your ad. This part of the tutorial also contains information about other Google products that might help your business.
  • Manage Ads
    The Manage Ads tutorial covers everything you need to know about the day-to-day running of your AdWords account. It tells you how to adjust your ads, how to navigate the ad approval process, how to place your ads on websites, how to adjust your campaign settings and how to manage your budgets. From here, you can choose keywords, manage your audience or access tools for large accounts.
  • Measure Results
    Google offers some great tools to measure the success of your AdWords campaign performance. The Measure Results section of the tutorial tells you how to measure sales and leads, how to connect your goals to your data, how to run reports and what you can measure. This is also where you go to find info on reporting issues, such as issues with clicks and click-through rate, fluctuating impressions, missing data and data freshness.
  • Improve Results
    This part of the tutorial offers AdWords tips to help you reach your goals, and advanced tips to get the most from your AdWords account. You can find info on reaching customers, improving your website, increasing sales and leads and testing your campaigns.
  • Billing
    The Billing section offers an overview, details about how to pay, billing tasks, how to use things like promotions and coupons, and how to understand refunds, credits and charges. This is also where you go to find information about common issues with payments and charges.

Google’s AdWords Help Forum

Google’s AdWords Help Forum is where you can go to ask questions that aren’t covered in the Google AdWords Help Center tutorials. From here, you can navigate to various forums, such as Improve Results, Manage ads, Measure Results, Ad Approvals and Advertising Policies and more to find information specific to your issue. Or you can click the Ask a Question button to post your own question.

Visit the Google Adwords YouTube Channel

To address AdWords help requests, Google has created a YouTube channel with useful how-to videos that address some of the most common questions about Google AdWords. You can browse to the Google AdWords YouTube channel at: Topics covered here include things like:

  • How to Use the Campaign Optimizer Tool
  • How to Use the Ads Diagnostic Tool
  • How to Use the Ad Preview Tool in Your Ad
  • How to Change Your Budget
  • Pause and Resume Ads

Consult the Google AdWords Policies

Google has some specific requirements and criteria your ads must meet if you want to advertise with Google AdWords. The policy center gives you information on these requirements, and is a good place to start if you’re having problems with ad approval or understanding AdWords requirements.

Google offers many options for people who need AdWords help. If none of these options work for you, you can also get Google AdWords Help by contacting your country-specific AdWords by phone. The Worldwide Phone Support page lists contact info by country:Â . Additionally, you can use the Contact AdWords link at the bottom of the AdWords Help Center Page to chat or email Google with your AdWords help requests.

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