‘Google My Business’ – Have You Registered?

‘Google My Business’ – Have You Registered?

June 26th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Something which is of utmost importance and always in demand for every business is — customers. Customers are the real king and Google’s latest addition into its sash, “Google My Business” aids you in exactly reaching out and connecting, bonding with more and more customers day-in and out. Unlike its previous attempts, this time Google has come up with stronger, firmer platform, and that’s why we, Web Start Today recommend and help our customers to “Google My Business”.

So what exactly does it mean for you, a businessman?

• An effective avenue to share:
While a website is a great medium, but Web Start Today wishes to introduce more avenues to share your latest business developments, newest product launch, awards won, food for thought, expert’s advice, videos, images or anything you would want your customers to now, hear out, share right here. Like our websites, Google My Business would help you reach.

• Get noticed, get searched:
While signing up for “Google My Business”, you fill in your business information which includes your address, business category and more, and this information is automatically updated on other Google platforms like Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. Hence, weather your customer is doing a basic search, is on Map or any other google platform, they would locate your business and reach you no matter what device or service they happen to be using at the time.

• Access Insights
Quick access to Google analytics report and the information. Know how users, your customers interact with your business. An exhaustive information & indicators about your Web Start Today’s website traffic, and traffic sources.

• Know your customers
Get a hold on your product or service reviews and stay on the top by replying to Google reviews. Know how your customers’ find your product and what exactly do they expect out of it. What is going right and what needs to be corrected. How do your customers’ react to your new products or marketing strategy? Know it and know it for FREE. And update your website accordingly for more views and traffic.

• Add to your customer List
Being accessible on almost all the Google platforms — Google Search, Google Maps and Google+; able to share your latest news, updated to the world and directly connect with your customers through Hangout; gives you an edge, visibility and credibility over your competitors to reach out to more and more target audience and win over your competitors.

• Very easy to Manage
With Google My Business Android app and soon to come the iOS app, you can update your information, access the insights or simply share your information with the customers across the globe almost instantly, from anywhere, any device.

• It’s Google!
And needless to say, it’s Google honey! The brand says it all.

So make sure, to sign up to Google My Business and link your Web Start Today website for more insights!

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