Google My Business Literally!

Google My Business Literally!

June 17th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

How about a place where you could get all the information, facts about your business website, and other Google related online presence under one umbrella? What if you could analyses your social/Google+ postings and website content under one roof?  What if you could really know about your audience and get a chance to interact with them? … And what if all of this is possible and that too for FREE?

Yes, and that’s why Web Start Today is endorsing it as a must have for every small-medium business (SMBs) owner. Google My Business, yet another game changer from Google, has it all. While there are mixed reviews about it, for weather it would be able to make a difference or is it another knock by Google just like its predecessors — Google Local, Google+ Local, Google Places, but if you deep dive, it is certainly a great tool to manage all your google online presence under one roof.

Web Start Today suggests you and any other SMB to update to Google My Business, dashboard where in you can:

  • Access  Online Listing: Update & Manage Business information on search, maps and Google+
  • Manage Google+ with Insights : Share, tailor and optimize your Google+ content
  • Monitor Analytics: Your website overall performance
  • Interact with Audience: Respond to customer reviews & connect through Hangout
  • Integrate YouTube &Adwords Express: Create and track Google ad campaigns

And more.

In a nutshell, apprise to Google+ My Business and know how your Web Start Today’s website content, or social content through Google+ is performing, who your audience is on Google+ and a platform to interact with them.

Web Start Today for all your online presence needs, from website creation to its visibility!

To know more, how you can apprise it for your Web Start Today website, watch out for our next blog.

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