How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Post Penguin 2.0 SEO Strategies

August 21st, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

When Google launched Penguin 2.0 back in May, it stated that more sites would be favorably affected by this new app than had been by its predecessor, which they launched in 2012. Well, it seems that Penguin 2.0 has lived up to its hype. It is a much “deeper” algorithmic update with more emphasis on rooting out sites that have profited from link spam. So far it has been successful in nipping the websites with spam links in the bud, way before they have a chance to reap any benefits from their links.

Penguin 2.0 has been created to concentrate, in particular, on back link patterns, anchor text uses and manipulative link building tactics. These are maneuvers which can mislead the end users. But, it is the Penguin update for 2013 which has left quite a few small business owners worried because they don’t know whether or not its strong effect on local search results is a good or bad thing. Actually, it’s an exceptionally pleasant thing for businesses that knows how to utilize it.

First of all, you should know that the Penguin 2.0 update has brought about some remarkably significant changes concerning how Google handles local search and results. Nowadays, Google has been placing a considerable amount of localized results into searches for broad search inquiries. In some instances, the usual place listings might not even appear. There’s no question that this has been a massive help to local businesses. Small area businesses will benefit from this update because it gives them a greater exposure for informational searches.

So, if you are still in the dark about this update, here are some Post Penguin 2.0 Local SEO Strategies you can utilize as a small business and make things favorable for you:

1. Earn Local Citations

High caliber local citations have a bright future, and this has been proven by the original Penguin algorithm. Combined with links, these citations or brand mentions, if you prefer, will matter a great deal as one of the Post Penguin 2.0 Local SEO Strategies for small business.

Citations play a main part in local search ranking. This means that the more your business’s name, address and phone number are found on websites pertaining to your niche and location, the better your local search ranking will be. Citation building is one of the main elements of your local SEO; so it is an excellent idea to build a strong citation presence for your business wherever you can on the web. Another thing you should do is make certain that your citations are accurate on sites like Yellow Pages, MapQuest and City Search because it will assist you in getting your business known locally.

2. Guest Blogging

You must concentrate on your citations for your SEO strategies every bit the same as you focus on local NAP citations. To that end, you will have to create and distribute content pertaining to your business on prestigious websites that have back links to your site.

Guest blogging is one of the strongest and most advantageous link building methods being used today. In fact, local businesses have deemed guest blogging to be an immensely valued asset as it causes their brand and content to be more visible. Also, guest blogging permits contextual links, which lead back to your website.

3. Design a Page for Every Location

If a business has multiple locations, by using Google Penguin 2.0 you must create location specific pages. Previously, Google would segregate the local search results. They would show up as Google Places results and they weren’t localized unless users added specific locations. Penguin 2.0 now integrates local results better than in the past.

Also, you need to remember that if your business has more than one location, you must have a separate page for each location so that you can best utilize your chances of reaching a higher ranking in local search engine results.

4. Local Reviews

Of late, Google has been placing more emphasis on customer reviews to verify a business’s importance and position. What better way to check, to see if what you say about your business is the truth?

Keeping this in mind, you should send out personalized emails to all of your customers requesting that they write reviews about your business and their experience with it on your Google+ Local page.

5. Local Mobile

Since mobile phones have become an integral part of society, small businesses must now optimize their website for local searches done on these devices. The reason is simple: in most cases, the users who make these searches are usually shown the websites of local businesses.

You should have a responsive website.

6. Content Marketing

What you need to do first here is a little research regarding what exactly your target audience is looking for, then you supply them with information relating to those things through articles, blog posts, and news.

7. Video Marketing

Despite its immense popularity, video marketing is still largely ignored as a marketing strategy when it comes to local businesses. Well, that’s a shame because they are failing to use a powerful weapon for local SEO marketing. Video provides a small business owner with a golden opportunity to interact with their customers and enables them to learn about your business, all the while feeling as they are getting to know you better.

8. Blog

Unfortunately, many local businesses are not using blogs to increase the benefits from their Local SEO and sales efforts. If a personal blog is too much work, then a local business can always create a guest blog to serve this purpose.

Search engines will take more notice of websites that are carrying fresh content on a regular basis. A good thing about blogs is that they can enable small businesses to become familiar with and find solutions for the problems that their customers are facing. The benefits that accrue from this activity include satisfied customers who will not only read your blog themselves, but they will frequently tell their friends about it, resulting in more customers for your business.

These are only some suggestions to help businesses to best utilize Post Penguin 2.0 Local SEO Strategies. If you use them, you would see a significant improvement in your business visibility.

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