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December 11th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

You know your small business has a lot to offer to customers, but it takes effective small business marketing for them to know that same fact. The harsh truth for many small businesses is that marketing isn’t always an easy field to compete in.

Sure, online advertising is full of opportunities to even the playing field with larger companies in your market. But unless you are an online advertising whiz, that competition is going to cost you. Free ads can work, but they are not nearly as effective as many paid solutions available.

That is, of course, unless you learn a crucial new skill: how to advertise online for free.

If you know what you are doing, your small business marketing investment can be one of time and not money. Let’s explore a few different ways to advertise online for free.

Free Classified Ads

To begin your free online advertising, seek out some of the best local classified ads that allow for free placement. One place to begin your search is at – there, you can place a free ad in local listings in a highly-relevant category. The more effort you put into standing out, the more likely it is that your ad gets noticed.

You can also look for local newspapers with free online classified ads. There is no guarantee that these papers have the traffic necessary to send you a lot of hits, but there’s no risk: you are not spending any money, either.

Spend Less Advertising Money on Google

You can create a Google AdWords account and wait a few weeks without spending any money. Eventually, Google AdWords will come back to you and inquire as to why your campaigns haven’t started, and may even give you a free advertising credit worth over $50. This can depend on Google’s promotions, of course, but it’s a great way to get some free advertising money.

Banner Exchanges

A time-tested practice dating back to before search engines ruled all, banner exchange networks can be great opportunities for you to advertise your website on other peoples’ sites without paying. Of course, each site (from to will have its own requirements, such as placing a banner on your site etc. This one is easy. All it requires is placing a small piece of JavaScript – no different than regular HTML – onto your website.

It’s not always easy to think of advertising as free, but if you think outside the box, you’ll be well on your way to earning traffic without incurring high costs of big advertising budgets.

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