How Will Google Impact Your Business In 2013?

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Is there any group of businessmen that says that Google has no impact on their business? The ones who make such bold declarations are either not internet inclined or simple-minded businessmen with the simple goals of surviving day to day transactions without any dreams of making it big. Any businessman who think “big” can clearly say that Google can indeed make a big impact on their business. How?

If you are a business owner who always wants to get the winning advantage for your small business website, then you know that landing one of the top spots on the first page of the search result (SEO or search engine optimization) can bring significant impact on the business. That is only one area in Google that can make or break a particular business.

Google can Create Winning Transformation for Small Business!!

Google recently held its yearly I/O conference and announced some new services and products that can help a small business. Some might not like the changes but small businesses might find it advantageous. There are small business owners who are already generating revenues from AdWord or AdSense alone and their Google+ practically bridged the gaps and created a business opportunity for almost everyone.

Google enhanced their online buying and paying feature and with regards to payment, Google proudly declared new schemes to push forth their technologies to help everyone (especially small businesses) make electronic bill payment. In the said conference, Google announced an application programming interface or API for instant purchase and assist developers in fashioning a more streamlined procedure for purchasing and making payment for the product or services via the business’ ecommerce site.

Payments for certain commodity can be made through Gmail using Google wallet. After the customer has downloaded the application, he or she can email and attach a payment (like attaching a document) with the indicated amount and transmit it directly to the concerned party (the seller). It is designed to make transactions faster and Google gives 100% assurance regarding the coverage of the alleged transaction.

Google also announced that there are more than 900 million Android activations and 48 billion apps have been downloaded. 75% of Smartphones were android based and the Android OS creates one look and feel for the business regardless of devices and manufacturers. The operating system can also synchronize contacts, data, and important dates to remember.

Cloud Messaging of Google has also been enhanced to maintain connections, synchronization of notification, and upstream messaging. This means that the company (including small business) via the Android app can synchronize better and faster – less time, less money spent, and more profit or income for the business.

Google+ is a community, the added 41 features made everything even better, and the features will surely benefit small businesses. Many people are messaging, chatting, and conducting events and it can surely save time and money. The users will love Google Hangouts even more as it became the topmost messaging service for group discussions using various devices.

Before going to the latest SEO trends, Google expects some things from site owners and it is important to take note of it. Google demands that site owners create a great site the surfers will surely love, a site that will be bookmarked by the visitor to make future visits more convenient, a site that visitors will tell their friends and something that will give high return visits.

For the 2013 SEO trends, Penguin 2.0 hates keyword stuffing, links of low quality, and anchor text that is over optimized. Penguin loves natural links with unique and relevant content. Panda hates content farms, thin content, and high bounce rates but it loves useful and relevant content, insightful, and highly engaging.

What Should the Owner of a Small Business do?

A wise small business owner should grab the opportunity and make everything work in his or her business using all the things that Google can offer for the business. Take note of the things that Google hates and a business owner should avoid doing them at all cost to make Google work for him or her. Look at examples such as 4Life reviews, which has so far stood well against the penalties imposed by Google.

How will Google impact your business in 2013? It really depends on the business owner but if he or she can see things clearly then that business owner should know the course of action to take and without hesitation.

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About Author: Barbara H. Seymour began his professional career as an affiliate marketer fresh out of college. Before moving into an executive position in a big company, he managed his own home based business.

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