Need More Social Media Followers? Here’s How To Get Them

June 24th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Social media platforms have become an important marketing tool for businesses to improve visibility and gain more customers. Social media enables you to interact with customers, inform them and share valuable information on products and services.

In recent years social media has become a very important aspect in the recruitment sector with recruitment agencies and personnel using social media to find potential candidates, screen candidates and ensure these are the right people for the job.

Building a social media page takes time and dedication. It’s not something you can put together and let it run itself. You need to constantly be checking your page, updating the information and staying in contact with potential customers, candidates and associates.

There are five great ways to improve your followers, here’s how.

Add Informative Information

You should constantly be updating your social media page with regular posts and blog links. The information you provide should be informative, interesting and quality content that will have potential followers wanting to find out more and using your page as an information source.

People will not follow a page that doesn’t offer value. So ensure you’re always keeping your followers interested and coming back to your page for more. Remember any information from new products and services to latest industry news and interesting things in the industry that you feel will benefit your customers is a great place to start.


There is no point posting a status on something of interest and then ignoring the followers who have commented. Something as simple as “thank you for your comment” can go a long way.

Interact with your followers, remember this is a social media site, be sociable, reply to comments and interact with your community. Strike up questions and participate in debates and don’t forget to throw in a hash tag to network out the debate further.

Share and Invite

Share information as often as possible, don’t leave your social media page to fend for itself, it’s not going to benefit you in any way. If you’re holding an event, share the event, invite potential followers, and stay in touch. I would recommend using Instagram in this instance, visually showing what your event is about and who is involved through photographic innovation which has people automatically following you because they love your creative designs and concepts.

People love to share links, if there is an interesting link you think will benefit your followers, share it, chances are they will share it too and this can get you new followers.

Social media sites are great networking tools so find other companies that offer value to your business, follow them, like their links and see if you can gather any information which you feel will be beneficial to your followers.

Maybe the page you are following will follow you and this can in turn increase your followers. Everything you do on social media should be about networking, improving visibility and increasing your client database.

Add Links

In your status updates when giving your followers all that valuable information that they can use to help them and learn from, add links. Links back to your webpage are a great way to improve your customer database and improve website traffic.

Taking advantage of everything social media has to offer, working on your page on a regular basis and interacting with your followers are ways to gain more followers. Remember to go onto your social media page a few times a day to keep news and information updated and current.

Incorporate Social Media on Your Website

You can’t expect to get all your followers directly from the social media sites, use your website as a social media tool. Add plug-ins and links to your social media pages inviting website visitors the chance to follow you and stay updated on the latest information you provide.

Ensure you add your social media page links to emails, online and offline advertising and any communications, drawing more followers and increasing your client database.

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Author Bio: Jenny Ann provided this article. Jen previously found a Telegraph International job through their social media site because she followed them and the right network of people!

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