Online Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Small Business

June 20th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Small business owners are realizing the undeniable benefits associated with communicating directly with consumers on the Internet; and they are using social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to relay their information.  Other online resources including e-books, blogs and online news releases also play an impactful role with generating positive feedback, from established and potential patrons, which help to generate increased exposure, word-of-mouth advertising and boosted sales.

With the array of online marketing strategies available, it certainly behooves any business owner to take advantage of every marketing niche to enhance his or her business’ growth and potential customer traffic.

Here are a few marketing tools that are proven winners:

E-Mail Newsletter:
Keeping in touch with existing customers is important; and reaching out to potential customers should receive equal consideration.  An opt-in email newsletter should offer a sign-up option not only on your website but at your brick and mortal storefront, if applicable.  Messages need to be succinct and relevant to what you know your customers are looking for.  Showcasing new products, providing special offers and discounts (that are true discounts), helpful information and regular updates can whet a customer’s appetite to stay online, make a purchase and increase your overall conversion rate.

Online Listings:
With free avenues for advertising being available, it’s prudent to take advantage of them!  For example, Craigslist would be one such site that a business owner could utilize for promoting products or services.  It’s a no-brainer to state that your ad presentation must look entirely professional, even down to any photos of your products.  The adage, “It’s all in the presentation” certainly applies, here.

Would you like to guess how much traffic Craigslist receives per month?—An average of 50 Billion (that’s with a “B”) page views each month!   Out of that titanic number, 60 Million a month are U.S. searches, alone.   If your online business isn’t listed, it should be!

Customer Reviews:
Research consistently indicates that customer reviews positively impact search engine results.  From a small Internet Marketing Firm like My Marketing Team to the big guns like AT&T, consumer reports matter. To overlook this viable marketing strategy would be a shame especially since promoting customer reviews is easy.  Requesting these reviews can be accomplished in a variety of ways:  1) through your website 2) via emails 3) including postage-paid customer review cards with any number of outgoing orders and 4) embedding a customer-review link in your email signature.   Easy deal; and, oh, what a difference it can make!

Happy Birthday, To You:
Clients are impressed when their birthdays are remembered!  There are software programs that will send personalized, email birthdays wishes, for you—not a day too early and not a day too late!  In addition to the birthday message, make it even more noticed by offering a special discount (a generous one).   This is a great “PR” approach and can prompt sales transactions and increase the chances your clients will return again and remain loyal customers – especially on their birthdays!

It’s vital that one utilizes a variety of online marketing strategies to promote one’s web-based business and set it apart from the rest of the pack.  Though this has been only a sampling, becoming the ‘lead dog’ takes time, patience, savvy insight, and an equal amount of proactive foresight.   It’s a fiercely competitive world out there but by utilizing as many online marketing approaches as possible and leaving no ‘on-line stone’ unturned, your business’ potential can become fully realized!

Author Bio: Though Nebraska’s K. Carlson is well versed in internet marketing, she remains very diverse in her writing.  From SEO companies to sprinkler repair in Denver, she breeds versatility.

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