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December 14th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

An online media plan for a small business might sound like an unnecessary step. After all, you might think, it’s the big corporations and big-budget firms that can afford media consultants that usually tackle these online media plans.

That’s not the way it really is. Instead, a media plan is something everyone ought to have, no matter what’s your budget. If you want to revamp your small business marketing strategy, it begins with a new plan. Here’s how to formulate your new media plan.

Creating a New Media Plan

First, start with a budget. Remember that it doesn’t matter how large or small is the budget, what matters is that you start with it. A hundred dollars per month can be stretched a lot more than you might initially think.

Second, identify your target customer. This is going to be crucial to your media plan because everything you do from here on will specifically be about reaching this target customer. Identify where this customer can be found in large quantities.

Then, begin your outreach strategy:

  • Build up your media assets, such as your website, your newsletter, your Facebook page, your Google+ profile, your Twitter account – all of it. Set aside time, money, and resources to build these properties up and nurture them over the time.
  • Gain earned media by building up mentions in local newspapers, participating in local radio shows, and earning testimonials. Invest time networking with different constituents of your business and continually build up your momentum.
  • Utilize paid media to instantly boost momentum through advertising, press releases, event sponsorships, and outdoor media like banners and billboards.

From here, you should continually track, measure, and report:

  • Be sure you always set metrics, goals, and milestones for each effort. Metrics help you evaluate effectiveness and adjust as necessary.
  • Compare and contrast your results so you know where to shift your resources in the future. Constantly improve on your plan; don’t succumb to routine, but rather make continuous improvement a major part of your routine.

If you follow through on your media plan and small business marketing strategy in this fashion, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll continually build up on previous momentum – and, who knows, you might eventually compete with those big corporations after all.

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