Search Engine Optimization Honed Through Google Adwords Campaign

July 17th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

It’s essential to assess what works and what doesn’t early into any online marketing plan. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of your use of keywords on your website in both content and metatags such as page title and description. Consider using a Google Adwords campaign to improve your organic search engine optimization (SEO) right from the start.

Search engines are the main conduit to your website for customers and prospects. Finding the right keywords that are most effective in driving traffic with high intent and then testing them is a smart strategic choice.

Fast & Easy Keyword Research Method

Use Google’s Adwords early in any product or website launch to research keyword viability. The beauty of using an Adwords campaign is that you’ll be able to easily track the strength of any keyword because results are fast and definitive.

Small business owners live by the adage “time is money.” The fast-paced digital world demands results. Adwords campaigns deliver quick results so you’ll know the true value of the keywords within your website’s pages. This allows you to ensure your SEO efforts continually become more effective by updating your page titles and metatag descriptions based on user behavior.

Some key facts about Adwords:

  • Ad placement is driven by the relevance of search keyword, bid price and click-thru rate vs your bounce rate.
  • User behavior is tracked, which allows you to see which keywords are best for your business and will be the most useful.
  • Adwords deliver fast results that can be measured within days and sometimes hours of ad placement. This allows for quick intelligence and action on your web pages based on real data.
  • The Google Adwords Keyword Tool helps you identify and select the keywords that are in the highest demand.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on competitors’ ad performance. This will provide helpful information you can use to adjust and fine tune your keyword search. A good resource for this is where you can put together a quick compilation of your competition’s Adword campaigns and see how the market reacted over time.

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Remember to stay on top of your Google Adwords results and incorporate your most powerful keywords into your website by changing page titles, metatags and content. Soon your website will be search engine optimized and the flow of customers will cause your virtual cash registers to ring.

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