Small Business — Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & Ideas: Series 2

July 7th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

We are sure that with Web Start Today web designs by your side and our last blog in the same series about how to perk up your website, your website must be shining & gleaming, outshining your competitors. But let me remind you, while it is one of the most important step but that’s just the starting of the journey. Another important step, marketing tool you must explore is Social Media — Leverage it.

Know Your Handles

Spend some time knowing your target audience, their habits, and analyze which social media handle will work best for your business. For instance, for a jeweler or a painter, Pinterest might be of more interest as it allows you to share your appealing designs, and for a radio/video jockey, singer or a dancer, YouTube might be of greater significance. So while Facebook, Google + and Twitter might be great platforms for everyone to showcase their talent and interact with their customers and fans, there are other social media handles as well which can provide you an added visibility online.

Get Your Plug-In(s) Right All the Time

Make sure your website has links to your social media handles and they are linked to the right page. And ensure they are visible, all the time — on all the blogs, product pages, services, press releases and more. You never know when a visitor or a loyal customer might want to share the good news or pin your product in his board or just tweet about your news. Relax. All our Web Start Today web designs, are compatible and can be easily linked with your social media handles. You can check our help center to know how.

Be Active

So maybe you have already analyzed the best platform for your business, maybe you are already present on most of the handles too, but are you alive? Are you answering their queries? Are you informing them about your latest developments? Are you engaging well with your audiences? Be informed, that while you are present, your competitors are present too. I am sure you would not want to give your customers a choice.

Have a Calendar

This might sound cliché, especially for a social media handle but Web Start Today recommends it and it is one of the best ways to keep your fans and followers engaged. An editorial calendar shall help you map out content & co-ordinate your social efforts. Make sure you plan your social media incentives which could be games, promotions and campaigns which include freebies for your loyal followers.

And most of all, make it interesting, give your customers, followers and fan a reason to be loyal to you. Keep watching out this space for the next strategy in the series.

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