Small Business — Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & Ideas: Series 3

Small Business — Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & Ideas: Series 3

July 9th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Before we discuss another noteworthy marketing strategy, let’s think and reason out why would anyone come to your website? Why would they spend their time reading, your information/thoughts/about you? Why of all would they choose to interact with you?
The answer could be you are an expert in that field, you can guide them well with their queries and/or may be you know it all. But of all above, one thing is for sure and a must, and that is your content strategy to engage, share information, form a connect is perfect. And that’s what we plan to get yours right too — Content Marketing Strategy.

Make sure that the content you share either through your website, blog, social media handles or anything else; assure that it is relevant and adds value to the reader. It should be informative enough to stimulate deeper level understanding of the subject and at the same time, impressive enough to make the reader come back again and again.

Make it interesting. The reason we prefer a smartphone over a simple, basic phone is because a smartphone has more engaging options — videos, social handles, games, & everything; it is contagious and we want the same for your content. And to make your content that infectious, to make it viral, it needs to connect, make the reader happy, cry, or cringe, but make them feel, bond, get them engaged. And who said it needs to be in the form of a written blog only, add a video, maybe some images, or an infographics too.

So who is your favorite actor? Brad Pitt? Johnny Depp? Or may be Ms. Jolie? But tell me would you really follow them if they act well in a movie or two and couldn’t justify their role in the other ones? Or maybe they act in a movie and then leave the Hollywood for some time and then come back, I am sure someone else would take their place and similar is the case in here. Your competitors are all around, trying to catch the eye-balls, make sure you share your best and you share consistently.

Let’s work smart. So maybe you have a great presentation which you/your best sales rep created to impress a fat client but after presenting it what did you do of the presentation? Did you repurpose it? Or what about that webinar you gave? For instance, you can always reprocess a great webinar into a couple of blogs. And if you want more, than a collection of blogs can be remodeled further into an e-book.

While a greatly written article or a blog or any other piece is important, but it’s real worth is explored only when it is promoted right. It needs to be accessible — on your Web Start Today website, spread on your social handles, etc. It should reach the target audience without them searching for it. And we can help you that too, if required, through our Traffic Booster plan.

And in case you didn’t know, all Web Start Today web designs come imbibed with SEO enabled content, awaiting for you to explore, promote and apply right marketing strategy. Keep looking this space for our next strategy.

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