Small Business — Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & Ideas

Small Business — Effective Digital Marketing Strategies & Ideas

June 30th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

You might be producing best of the product, or providing flawless services or simply selling the finest, but for it to sell and your business to succeed and flourish, your target audience/potential customers need to know about you — you need to market yourself, your business. And that’s what this blog is all about — effective digital marketing tips for Small & Medium Businesses. So let me come out clearly.

Grow out of your Shop

Foremost, you need to be present online, and that’s why we are here — Web Start Today, a premium website builder. A website, aptly designed as per your brand and product & services involved is a must. For instance, if you are a Pizza maker, we suggest you to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website, because someone might try to order one from their office, in the car while reaching home, or from anywhere or if you are a departmental store owner than you need an online store so as you can sell online too. Similarly, if you are a photographer, you would need a website with rightly placed gallery & ample space for you to showcase your passion or if you are an accountant, you would need a subtle, functional website. And needless to mention here, Web Start Today gets you industry-specific web designs, designed under the guidance of subject matter experts. Also, since smart devices are swarming the market, we suggest everyone to be mobile ready, choose Responsive websites.

Perfectly Bundled

So what is the actual reason behind the prospect visiting your website? To know about you? Exactly. So make sure your website is able to provide the information they might need. Think through Why(s), How(s), what(s) and Where(s) of your business and make sure to answer them all in the website. We suggest you to add interactive content like images, or videos to make your website more engaging. And what better could it be, if you could also weave in the right keywords and make it SEO friendly. Our websites are in sync with all the latest engagement tools and we also provide SEO services so as to give yourself, and your customer a fuller experience.

A Logical Roadmap

After the right design and perfect content, is the turn for precise, instinctive navigation. It is important to offer a smooth ride. You need to understand your target audience’s mind, and how and what they need to know to make a decision to buy. The website needs to be intuitive enough and easy to navigate. Every website with Web Start Today has a site map which is made easy for customers to navigate and stress-free for you to edit in case required. Also, our websites are hosted on Amazon Cloud for a great hosting too.


And Domain. Yes, your unique address online. That’s how online world remembers you, with this name, Domain name. While Web Start Today allows you to host for FREE on our sub-domain and I am sure this a very affordable solution but we still suggest to buy and have your own, exclusive Domain Name, we can help you register one for yourself, if required. You could also transfer or point to an existing one too. But make sure you have one it’s like vs. . Choice is yours.

Looking for some more marketing strategies like Social Media integration, Google Apps integration and more, keep watching out this space for the next strategy in the series.

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