Small Business Marketing: the Top 10 Chrome Extensions

November 23rd, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Small business marketing works best when you work best. How do you keep yourself at your best? Well, you can start with your Internet browser.

According to the site, Google’s Chrome continues to dominate as the Internet’s most popular browser, owning some 44.1% of browser usage in September 2012. Why is it so popular? Because it’s good. But you, the effective small business marketer, can make it better.

Here are 10 Chrome extensions that will change your life for the better.

  1. Shareaholic: Today’s Web is a social one, which is why Shareaholic’s importance cannot be understated. It is, quite simply, a way for you to post anything and everything to any and every social media site out there.
  2. GetPocket: A great way to save articles and other links you find on the Internet, GetPocket ensures that you won’t lose another article on online marketing.
  3. Search Center: Looking for an answer, but not sure where to find that answer? Type it inSearchCenter and have it search just about every quality resource on the Internet for your term.
  4. Meta SEO Inspector: Want to check out the competition? Run SEO reconnaissance on your own site? Run Meta SEO Inspector on a site and you’ll see a full diagnostic of the behind-the-scenes SEO taking place.
  5. It’s not just about sharing links with’s Chrome extension – it’s also about shortening and bundling them together so that they’re actually, you know, sharable without being incomprehensible.
  6. Whois+: You can know just about all there is to know about domain after running this extension on Chrome – it’s great for domain research, competition research and keeping in the loop.
  7. SocialBro: Analytics, Twitter management, following and unfollowing – it’s all handled through SocialBro, which means that you don’t have to struggle your way through an early-morning social media check anymore.
  8. PageRank Status: Know the Google PageRank of a site, its AlexaRank, its backlinks … the list goes on and on. You’ll never have to wonder about the relevance of a site you’re on again.
  9. Webpage Screenshot: One of the most popular extensions on Chrome, this is a great way to save and share screenshots without doing everything manually.
  10. Scroll-to-Top: Who knows how many untold minutes, hours or days you might save for the rest of your life if you simply install this extension, which allows you to return to the top of a site in a simple click.
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