Small Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

September 3rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

We do learn from our mistakes. In business, however, it is better to avoid a mistake than to learn from it. The cost of a small mistake might have a huge ripple effect that may crush the business you are trying to build. The following are few of such small mistakes you could avoid this year or any year for that matter.

Social Media Hype

It is really cool to have thousands of following on the social media. And it has been proven over time how social media can help you boost sales too,  but jumping on it right away is for sure not the solution. In fact, the damage when it is done not in a planned, strategic way could cause a lot of adverse effect than the positive result when done right.

And that’s why all our websites come integrated with social media handles. You could brag about your accolades and new products and services and gain SEO points and at the same time share it on Social Media Handles through a Web Start Today powered website.


Due to convenience, most deals are done at the tip of our fingers. Businessmen seldom leave the desk or drop the phone. It depends too much on the virtual meet-ups and hence your virtual presence and reputation online. We suggest a professional, mobile-friendly website, so that your business looks perfect and it shines online. And the added advantage to have a Web Start Today website, is the convenience and the ease to update it all by yourself anytime, from anywhere.

Outsourcing incompetent Freelancers

Perhaps one of the common mistakes, especially in the era of virtual freelancers, time crunch and affordable pricing is outsourcing your online presence to a freelancer. And that’s why we offer, Hire a Pro, allow our seasoned professionals to do it for you.  They would hear out your dream plans for your website and design it just the way you like it.

Not Communicating Clearly

To get the most out of every transaction, a clear word on terms and conditions must be outlined. There must be a clear agreement on both sides and an understanding of what things are included in the agreement. The policies, the budget, and the deadlines are the three main highlights of a deal.

Web Start Today team makes sure that we proceed with a perfect understanding of each other’s  expectations and deliverable.

Take Action, Not Reaction

Sitting down with crossed fingers will not do any good for you. Take your goals to new heights and places. Take the reins of your company to its limits because probably, it’s going to take you a while before you can say that you have explored every angle of the nature of your brand.

One of the gravest mistakes that spell your doom perfectly is being passive. Let every opportunity pass, and every prospect client treated with mediocrity, you will see everything going down the drain. And that’s why its time you move to responsive.

We’ve seen businesses commit these mistakes. You do not have to repeat them.

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