Small Business SEO: Leverage Keywords Intelligence from Google AdWords

July 10th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Small business SEO doesn’t have to take a lot of time, or an advanced marketing degree. Google makes it easy to tweak and target your campaigns with Google AdWords tips, help options and reporting data.

View Searches that Triggered Your Ad

With Google’s Search Terms Report, you can view the actual searches that triggered your ad. This helps you get an idea of the exact search terms that people have used so you can optimize and target your campaign better. To view your search terms data:

  • Click your Campaigns tab
  • Click the Keywords option
  • Click the Keyword Details button that appears above your statistics data

From this report, you can select “All” to analyze the search terms for your listed keywords, or you can click the checkboxes to only look at specific keyword searches. If you want to look at specific keyword data, make sure to check the boxes you want and click the “Selected” option.

Google AdWords Selected Search Terms

This report shows you data about the match type – whether it was a broad match, exact match or a phrase match. It also shows info about clicks, impressions, the click-through rate, conversions, cost per conversion and other relevant data.

You can maximize your SEM efforts by analyzing this data and adjusting your Google AdWords account to target successful keywords. Look for keywords that are performing well in terms of conversion rate or cost per conversion, and consider using variants of those keywords in your account. Alternately, drop keywords that aren’t performing well in terms of conversion or cost to improve your overall performance.

Understanding Keyword Matching

On the Search Terms Report, you can view the keyword match type that triggered your ad. Match type comes in a few key forms:

  • A broad match is a variation of a keyword from your account.
  • An exact match is when a search term matches a keyword from your account word-for-word.
  • A phrase match is when the search term contains a keyword from your account, or a close variant of that keyword.

Phrase matches are particularly helpful, as they can tell you what derivatives of your keyword that people are using that trigger your ads. If you find a variant that creates better conversions or provides a better cost per conversion, you can then utilize that variant in your Google AdWords campaign to improve your ROI. Google AdWords Help Center also has some great tips for selecting and targeting keywords to build successful campaigns.

AdWords and Organic SEO

One of the best Google AdWords tips for small business SEO: Google’s Search Terms Report can be used to boost both AdWords performance and organic SEO. By targeting your keywords most effectively, you can improve the performance of your AdWords campaigns. But by also integrating search terms and phrases into your Web copy, you can improve your organic SEO.

Small business SEO is an important part of your overall success. By using Google AdWords tips to improve your AdWords SEM efforts, you can decrease your costs and boost your ROI. Visit the Google AdWords Help Center for great tips and info about boosting your SEO through your AdWords campaign.

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