Small Business SEO Only Works When You’re In the Loop

August 3rd, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

You thought you had small business SEO figured out; your site was ranking well for some important keywords. You figured you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, so you eased off SEO for a while.

Then, one day, you got slapped by Google.

What happened? You thought you knew your search engine optimization techniques as well as anyone, and all of the sudden your competition seems to have gotten the upper hand (after all, someone has to fill the spots you’ve left vacant).

But the problem isn’t that you’re bad at small business marketing. It’s that when you stopped focusing on SEO, you let your competition stay up with the latest trends while your own site stagnated. Subsequently, they were promoted in recent updates while your older-style site got the boot.

That’s not what you want. So here’s how to do small business SEO right by staying in the loop.

Stay Up on Trends with Alerts

You don’t have to constantly focus on SEO to remain ahead of the curve. You just have to remain in the loop.

The best way to handle this is by subscribing to alerts and news feeds that keep you knowledgeable about small business SEO. You’ll know when algorithm updates are coming and when trends that might be relevant to your business are just exploding.

What should you subscribe to when it comes to alerts? First, sign up at You can then subscribe separately to Google News, Blogs, Video, Discussions and Books relevant to what’s going on in your industry.

Keep the frequency of these updates at once a day and make reviewing the trends in your industry a daily habit. That’s all. It might only take 5-10 minutes, but every once in a while something important may catch your eye that will make you better at small business SEO.

Google Doesn’t Cover It All

As great as Google’s alerts can be, your research shouldn’t stop there. You can experiment with the following services to learn more about the latest trends:

  • Twilert
  • SocialMention
  • HyperAlerts
  • Postling

Think about it this way: the better informed you are on trends and news in your industry and in SEO, the better small business SEO you can conduct. In essence, you give yourself a leg up on your competition – or at least level the playing field, if they’re already trying the same “Google alert” tactics as you.

Staying in the loop can be the difference between ranking #1 and ranking #14 … or not at all.

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