Small Business SEO: Where to Find Great Content Writers

August 28th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

There’s an old phrase in the world of small business SEO, and it goes like this: Content is King.

It’s still correct these days that the content of your site is very important – from the keywords you use, the on=page content, the meta descriptions you employ, and to some extent, even the links pointing your way. But in 2012 – in the wake of the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes – we’d like to suggest a modification to that time-tested axiom. We think it should be “good content is king.”

Search engine optimization is still relevant – heck, optimizing for search engines will be relevant as long as search engines themselves are. But it’s good, quality content now that drives traffic to your site in the most natural, organic way. That means that the best small business marketing tactic doesn’t necessarily rely in your on-page optimization, but in your content writing.

Yes, you can still write content on external websites to attract people (via links) back to your site. But this content should be unique and high-quality; otherwise it won’t win anyone over.

The problem? You’re not a writer. The solution? Someone out there is and it is easier than ever to find quality content writing to enhance your small business SEO like never before.

Resources for Finding Quality Content Writers for SEO

There are more than just a few websites that help connect small businesses with quality content writers. Let’s look at a few:


In order to find the writer that’s right for your site, you’ll want to place project ads on these sites, telling your potential writers exactly what you need including knowledge of keywords and current SEO trends. You should mention in your project descriptions that you’re looking for people to join your team as freelancers who regularly contribute content that is search-engine friendly.

Within a few short days, you should have plenty of bids to go through. We suggest looking through the job history and writing samples of each writer in order to make the best possible decision on whom to hire.

Yes, if you’re a large enough company, you can simply employ a full-time writer in-house. They’ll be able to assimilate the corporate and customer values you’re looking for and write specifically for your brand. But until you can afford writers full-time (and afford to pay them full benefits, as well), freelance writers can provide great content writing for a reduced cost.

It may take some time before you can find the right writer for your brand, but once you do, it’s important to build a relationship with them so that they remain loyal to you over the long haul. Now that good content is king, your new writer will help you to be in a better position for small business SEO than ever before.

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