The Art of Getting Likes on Facebook

The Art of Getting Likes on Facebook

August 4th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

With the kind of popularity and adulation across the globe, Facebook needs no description and the reason, why you should expand your business on Facebook. With more than 1.32 billion monthly active users and over 829 million daily active users, this is one medium every business needs to tap. And in case you have not started taking your Facebook account seriously, than we suggest you to think twice, before it’s too late. And in case you are there already or these data have finally awaken you, following are the quick tips you could engage in to get more Likes on your Facebook Page:

• Content

Like we always say, Content is the King. As an important rule of Social Media, it should be crisp, brief, and engaging enough to be worth the time being spent by readers to read it. It could be original, or your views on some facts or simply sharing other’s thoughts, but make sure when you share other’s thoughts you give them due credit, and be aware it adds to your credibility and sometimes likes too.

• Facebook Social Plugin

Make it easy for the prospects to reach you and “like” your Facebook page without even the need of visiting it. Imbibe Facebook social plugin in your blog, and/or website so as the visitors can like your page while going through the blog. Like they say, its best to strike while the iron is hot; so while the visitor is exploring your credibility and skills, ask them to like it too.

• Engagement

Engaging your fans include a lot of things – frequency at which you share your updates, make sure it’s neither over-loading nor too dormant. And in the pressure to post periodically and be active, don’t post anything, post should be such that it gives the reader a reason to come back again on your Facebook page. You could also add some incentives or enticing high resolution photos, as we all know a picture says a thousand words.

• Facebook Ads

To give you an opportunity to reach out beyond your fans, global prospects who might be interested in your product and services is through Facebook Ads. We strongly advise you to set up the countries, “interest” option and if required budget and time while setting Facebook Ad. In case you are not really satisfied the way your Facebook Ad is performing, you can always tweak some settings whenever you wish, for better/desired results.

• Connecting

To gain new likes, you need to connect to new people, and that’s why connecting. And the process starts with sharing your ideas with new people, letting them know about your skills, products and services and then when you connect, you can politely send a message, thanking them for connecting with you and asking, if they would want to explore further about your expertise and like the page.

Overall, while a lot of social handles have cropped up and none is lesser than the other, but undoubtedly Facebook is the king when you want to reach to the masses. And in case you like this blog, don’t forget to “like” our Facebook Page by visiting it or you could even “like” it from the social plugin on your right.

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