Video Content- Prime Focus for Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2013

April 15th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

There are no second thoughts about the fact that people are constantly interacting and engaging with each other and the world with the help of their laptops, tablets and mobile phones and all of these gadgets point towards the advent of the digital world we are in. In such a scenario, digital marketing has gained unprecedented success and almost all the brands and companies are using it to promote their products and services on the web.
Digital marketing has a number of aspects which make up to become your online marketing campaign and video content is one of the biggest upcoming digital marketing tactics which you must not ignore. Video content has come of age and is one of the most exciting opportunities which the web provides you with, to take your ventures to a new level, and mentioned below are a few important reasons which make video content the prime focus of digital marketing campaigns in 2013.

Power of YouTube
When someone gives you an opportunity which is highly useful, the ideal thing to do is take it, and YouTube is doing just that for you. Being the second most popular search engine after Google, it definitely has some advantages over other sources of media, which gives video content a boost. This also means that if you do not have a video segment to your digital marketing strategy then you do not exist in such an important platform and even if someone tries to find you on the internet, they are bound to fail as you yourself haven’t made any efforts to come into the search rankings. This way, you are missing out on a huge target market, which could have been reached very easily.

Build Your Brand’s Personality
We all agree that what we see has a better impact on us compared to other mediums like what we read and listen to. This is another advantage of video content, as it gives you immense power in your hands by allowing you to show people what you want to show about your brand and services, and shape their perceptions and opinions about your product accordingly. This is one of the most successful marketing strategies and using it will help in more than one way. You can create a name for your brand, help people associate with it on a more personal level, and increase sales as well. You can create a brand according to your future projects and people are definitely going to remember your company with the help of what you show to them.

Become More Accessible
This means that now with video content, you can become more accessible to your customers, by providing them with videos which show how your products function, what the best way to use them is and what are the possible situations you can use them in. Demonstration videos are a rage these days to understand a product or service better and there is nothing like a customer himself showing other viewers how something works. You can even join in the conversation and interact with customers with the help of comments. Once a two way interaction is in place, you can be sure that there will be a higher chance of people getting interested in your product.

Harness the Great Advertising Opportunity
Having video content in place for your digital marketing strategy does great work for your advertising and marketing and there are so many things which you can make use of, through them. Right from creating a channel and uploading interesting and informative videos related to your product, to providing the viewers with links which direct them back to your website, a lot can be done through this content. Also, the mere fact that a video link can be linked, posted and shared on various social media pages and blogs means you are opening up for yourself a new medium of advertising and that too completely free of cost. Bring to the notice of your viewers, content which is intriguing and will attract a number of people. Once people find your content interesting they themselves will take upon the job of spreading the word to other like minded people, who definitely will be a part of your target market. Word of mouth marketing is a successful marketing strategy and you are doing exactly that by using online videos to promote your website or product. Also, the probability of going ‘viral’ is increased by having it in place.

The world runs on media now and once your video content is up and running, you can be sure that you will be able to make use of all the above mentioned benefits which video content provide you with.

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