What Material Design by Google means for Marketers

What Material Design by Google means for Marketers

September 12th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The growth and expansion of internet and smart devices has been exponential. To sum it up in a fewer words, it is a digital world we live in today, thanks to the World Wide Web, the businesses and customers have come closer and the information flows faster than ever before. And that where latest Material Design by Google comes in picture, focusing on user experience, giving your best on every screen, every device.

So what exactly does all this holds for a marketer, any lessons for better online marketing, branding?

Google’s attempt through Material Design is to form a visual language which blends the classic design techniques with the technology and science modernization, providing seamless experience across the platforms and devices. Which means, the online assets that we create for our business including websites, microsites, apps, online brochures, and social media handles, etc.; should be unified, perfect view across the platforms. We need to make sure to serve all kinds of customers across various devices and platforms, just like Web Start Today’s Responsive websites. Responsive websites are mobile-friendly websites, which makes you look good across the devices. And if required, our team of veteran designers can also do custom websites for you.

Next in line, which also happens to be very significant considering the current marketplace scenario is flow – continuous flow. Make sure just like design, information needs to flow with it. The media cycle needs to speed up and with an uninterrupted flow of information. This might sound adding to your budget but if used and worked smartly, it wouldn’t add that hole in your pocket. Unlike before, the assets, information that we generate is forever, because with wider audience, you need to cater to broader things as well. An information relevant to one customer might not be relevant to other and may be vice-versa some time later. So, you can always re-use and keep adding to your inventory. And that’s what takes us to the next very USP of Web Start Today, the ease of updates and edits, that even a novice, or as we proudly say, even your granny can do it for you without any coding or technical knowledge.

So, is your business ready to reach the global market and make a mark? If not, allow us to guide you @webstarttoday.com

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