What to Expect With Online Buyer Behavior in 2013

December 25th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Business owners need to be aware of online buyer behavior. How consumers act when shopping online can affect your online marketing efforts, as well as what you do in your physical store.

Online ads can affect how a customer shops in your brick and mortar store. In a recent survey conducted by Wanderful Media, 91% of all shoppers have made a trip to a store based on an ad or promotion they saw online. The web is a powerful tool to get your customers physically into your store where they can buy.

Using Mobile Devices to Research Products

And even when they are in your store, you need to consider the information you have online. Consumers with smart phones will check their mobile devices while in the store. They will use a search engine, check the item on Amazon.com, check the company website, or use social media. Wanderful Media also reports that of shoppers, who use their mobile devices in a store, 87% will end up buying either the item they are checking, or another item. Consumers like to do some research about the item they are shopping for, even while they are looking at it in the store.

Consumers are also likely to open E-mails on their mobile phones, especially the ones that pertain to retail sales and events. That’s one of the reasons why marketers plan to spend more money on E-mail marketing in 2013. However, consumers are less likely to use their phones to buy. Smart phones are useful for research in a physical store, while online shopping is easier done on your tablet at home.

Changing Online Buyer Behavior

However, people are starting to use their smart phones to shop and buy. Online sales for 2012’s Black Friday shopping day topped $1 Billion, with some of that coming from mobile devices while shoppers were still in the stores. Cyber Monday’s sales reached almost $1.5 Billion, with 13% of that coming from mobile devices. Black Friday refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving, when stores traditionally offer big discounts to draw shoppers in. Cyber Monday is so named because on the Monday after Black Friday, people return to work and could use their faster broadband Internet connections to shop. Today, however, people have fast web connections at home and on their mobile devices, so the term now just refers to another shopping holiday with big discounts.

Online buyer behavior continues to shape our retail environment. As consumers have better and faster access to wireless mobile devices, including faster smart phones and smaller tablets, they are able to shop online while being physically present in a store. They can compare prices on various websites while examining a physical product on the shelf in front of them, and can shop any time they have the urge to buy. This makes it more important than ever for small businesses to maintain a web presence and have targeted online and E-mail marketing.


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