5 Reasons Which Make Pinterest A Must for Small Businesses

April 26th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Small businesses run on low budgets and less resources and their job is to seize every opportunity which helps them grow in terms of sales, branding and marketing. Social media is one of the most important tools they have when it comes to reaching potential and present customers and one of the most talked about platforms these days is the Pinterest.

Not many businesses make use of this relatively new on the popularity scale social medium, but Pinterest is reaching more and more people as you read this. There has been a phenomenal growth seen in the rise of the number of people who use this platform and it has come to be the third highest media platform used after the regular contenders Facebook and Twitter. People all around the world are getting intrigued by what the high quality image content has to say, and sharing it with friends also was never this easy. Given below are 5 reasons which will totally convince you about the importance of this platform for your small business.

Change in Trends

This is something which affects every business, be it big or small and a change in trends is being seen on how the social media functions. People are more into discovering things online rather than going and searching for them in search engines, and Pinterest can be seen as a driving force for this change. More and more companies which are big are redesigning themselves to look more like this social media platform and ignoring it right now will definitely backfire in the future for your small business. You can easily go with the flow by creating and sharing interesting content which can be shared and promoted without much effort.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Pinterest clearly is a live example of this famous quote as the use of high quality visual content was never this most profitable. You can create and share visual content over this platform, which means people do not have to read through 20 lines to get to know what you are trying to say and this is done now, just by looking at the visual content which you have posted. Not only is it easier to remember, but it also allows you to create a brand for your business without requiring any heavy budget. Visual content definitely has a greater appeal than written content and you can use that to your advantage through Pinterest.

Pinterest Provides You with Interesting Web Analytics

As a move towards making the website owners understand the amount of traffic or content which is directed towards their websites or is used from their platforms, Pinterest has come out with a number of analytical tools which serve as information to understand the contribution of Pinterest in dispersion of content online. Through these graphs and data, you can now see how much traffic comes through this platform and also the sort of content which is liked and appreciated by your customers and fans and to what did they react in a negative manner. This is possible with the help of the graphs which show the number of pinners, repins, repinners, impressions, clicks and visitors used Pinterest to reach or share your content and website. This is definitely a good reason to use this platform for your own benefit.

Helps in Generating Better SEO

There have been constant efforts on the part of expert marketers of Pinterest to show ways through which a site’s traffic can be increased twice. Pinterest is being used to share content and a high number of people are making use of it in every way, which can really help small businesses to gain better SEO rankings in search engines, which will help you in getting more traffic to your website and ultimately increase the sales as well.

Venture into the New

Not only Pinterest helps you in increasing your traffic and sales, it also allows you look into different ways in which you can market your service or product better. You can try different market segments, look at the content of other businesses that are making use of this platform to their advantage and find ideas which you can use to grow your business. You can also post content which you have an expert opinion on, which will help you gain more grounds in the world of internet. This will not only help your small business to grow, but people will now see you in a better, newer light.

These are just a few points which make Pinterest something which cannot be ignored. There are a number of other advantages like better eCommerce platforms and more social interaction with your customers, and all of them come as you embrace Pinterest and pay attention to it like you do with other mediums of social media.

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