9 Tips for Small Businesses on How to Use Twitter to Market Themselves Effectively

July 19th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Twitter combines the idea of micro blogging with social media. The social media aspect allows people to connect with each other through the platform. The micro blogging ensures that the information that is posted onto the website is real time information on such things as opinions, ideas, news, and so much more. Businesses have realized the benefits of this social media platform and have created profiles to represent their business in interacting with the target market. This allows the business to connect with consumers and share information with them in real time. The information can be marketing information on their products and services.

Twitter also gathers information from its users to power business. This information provides insight into the dynamics of the market and conditions that are prevalent. It can also educate a business on the current market trends and consumer patterns. With an estimated population of users that are about half a billion, Twitter is an asset that any business can’t do without. If a business uses Twitter to market its products and services in an effective manner, it has the potential to reach millions of would be consumers. Here are seven valuable tips on how any small business can do this.

1.       Create awareness of your presence

Twitter is full of business and corporate accounts and you have to speak up in order for users to hear you. This means that you need to announce your presence. What you need is a Twitter profile that is magnetic to the target audience. It must be appealing and concise, keeping in line with the Twitter philosophy. Get a beautiful profile picture that is clearly visible even in the Twitter feed. Make sure it is related to your business. If you can’t find one, use a picture of an employee you consider representative of the business. Then create a blurb that explains your business in three lines or less. This will get the attention of other users.

2.       Integrate your online presence

You need to link all of your online presence together in order to give the user an all round experience. Provide a link on your business website to your Twitter account and vice versa to ensure your viewers are able to experience your business in full. If your business is on other social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, connect these also. The better the integration, the higher the exposure the visitor gets to your business and its products or services.

3.       Twitter etiquette

You must know and follow Twitter rules of etiquette. This is especially vital if you are a small business seeking to use this platform to propel your business to greater heights. If a customer follows you, it is only courteous and polite to follow them back. If this is not possible, send a message to show them your gratitude for showing you support on the social media site. If a customer mentions you in a comment, retweet that comment. This not only shows appreciation but also increases the exposure of the comment to the masses. When tweeting or replying to your followers, you must always be polite and relevant. Do not get into a war of words with the consumer as regardless of who started it, your business loses.

4.       Discover the power that lists give you

As your followers increase in the number, you will need a way to sort them if your interaction and communication is going to be effective. Twitter provides you with a tool called ‘Lists’. This allows you to create different lists for your followers depending on their category and preferences. You can create a list for businesses, consumers, industry gurus, and so on. This will enable you to target your tweets in order to increase their effectiveness. You can also target the consumers based on their preferences. This will enable you to tweet them on new products that they are likely to be interested in.

5.       Build a rapport with your followers

The micro blogging nature of Twitter means that it is a relationship that is modeled on a conversation. You have to communicate regularly and effectively to your followers. This will make following your Twitter account a valuable experience to them and help create a rapport between you and them. A strong rapport means that your Twitter profile will become even more prominent and will lead to conversions for the business.

6.       Use it to research the market

As any good social media platform, Twitter offers analytics for businesses that use the platform. However, this should not be the end of the research. Use the platform to have a conversation with the consumers on what they need in a product or service. Use it to collect feedback from the customers on the products that you offer. The consumer is better able to tell you what they need and you can use this to mold your business strategy for success. The best way to do this is to chat with the customers using the chat function on the site. This creates a forum where you can discuss matters that will be beneficial to your business. Consumers respond to companies that take their needs, observations, and responses into account. This will help you grow your consumer base.

7.       Discover and harness the power of hash tags

A hash tag is a tool that is represented by the symbol #. It is used to link together in an easy to find manner, content that is related anywhere on the website. It identifies the topics and conversations that are ongoing on the site on particular words. A hash tag is attached to a word that identifies the topic of conversation amongst the Twitter users. When you are promoting your product, you can attach the symbol # to the name of the product to create a conversation on the same. In order for this to be a success, you have to have an interesting conversation that most users will want to join. This is what causes a topic to trend on the social media platform.

8.       Scheduling and timing your interaction with the consumers

Do not tweet to your followers all of the time as this will clog their feeds and result in you being quickly un followed. Use a tool such as Hoot Suite to schedule your tweets to go out at the right intervals of time. This will ensure that your tweets get better exposure and lead to a better dissemination of the information that they contain. This will also allow consumers in different time zones to see your tweets, which increase your overall exposure.

Your interactions need to be timed to the period when there is an increase in the number of users online. There are online tools that check your followers to determine when they are online. This is the best time to tweet as they are likely to see it on their feed. Use these tools to time the interactions to make sure that your tweets get the maximum amount of attention possible.

9.       Keywords on social media

Use keywords when writing your tweets in order to increase the overall exposure and effectiveness of the tweet. The effectiveness of marketing efforts on social media is tied to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the keywords you use to identify your products and services. There are excellent tools such as Google AdWords that will help you to find the best keywords for your products and services.

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