How to Make a Website: Design Tips Using Free Images

October 5th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

Once a web visitor lands on your website, you need to convince them to stay and look around. Dynamic photos and smart graphics help draw attention to content and convince viewers to take a longer look.

Remember, you usually just have a few seconds to convince people to stay on the site, so intelligent selection and placement of images can make a big difference. Many business owners end up spending small fortunes on photos and illustrations, but free graphic sites offer you a low price or free alternative.

Google images, for example, offers a special “advanced search” option that shows exactly those images that can be used for free. These free images can be used for commercial use. Use the filters in the sidebars to help you find images exactly matching the dimensions and colors that best suits creating your website.

Google’s free images include clip art, cartoons, line drawings and photos. Rights can change on some of these images, however, so it’s a good idea to email the image owner, explain how the image will be used and secure permission. Always keep the email in safe archives.

Not all photos are free and commercial image sites like Getty, iStockphoto, and Fotolia sell their images. They patrol the web for stolen pictures and aggressive prosecute owners of websites that use but don’t pay.

You can also use your own photos, logos and images that you create. You might have the perfect picture, but it doesn’t fit. Don’t despair. There is software for editing images.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry leader for professional image enhancement, but it is pricey. Many small businesses often use free online editors and standalone software to create professional looks.

Below are two free, popular photo editing software that can be downloaded for use.


Below are two free online photo editing tools:.


These tools allow you to create effects, doodle, use a variety of fonts and shapes, retouch, distort, recolor and resize photos.

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