Reach, Research and Show up Your Business with Facebook’s Graph Search

April 24th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

No advertising and promotion activity is as effective as word-of-mouth marketing or word-of-mouth advertising.  And, with the increase of social media sites – as people have a propensity to share everything – this marketing or promotion strategy has gained immense momentum in recent few years. Social media sites are the news places where virtual societies and communities are mushrooming.

With the launch of Graph Search, Facebook has made significant effort to “make the world more open and connected”. Just imagine if before going to eat outside you can ask all your friends in fraction of second – which is their favorite restaurant in the city?  Isn’t it interesting? It is, indeed, and this is the advantage of this news application. It delivers personalised results unlike Google or Bing that show links and links and just links. Facebook and Microsoft Bing has partnered for this new Social Search Engine, which, as many claims, is going to change the concept of search application.

Facebook’s Graph Search is certainly going to be a crucial tool for businessmen. In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own words, “Graph Search shows private information that isn’t in web search.” And this is the biggest advantage businessmen can leverage on.

Wider Reachfacebook graph

Just assume you get a change to serve a person who has got tremendous friends’ network on Facebook. You just need to serve him in the best possible manner, and it will automatically extend your presence to his friends when they (his friends) search for similar services or products you offer with the new application. It’s up to you how good you follow up with your customers on day-to-day basis.

Researching the Competition   

With deeper engagement with your friends on the Facebook or your followers, you can assess your brand’s performance on Facebook. It can be a great opportunity for you to offer quality services to your customers and increase your brands performance. Using the graph search, you can get an idea about the prevalent trends in your business segments. You can know from where your competitors are attracting customers? What are their qualities? Why their business is doing well? And accordingly, you can make changes in your business strategies.

An Opportunity to Standout

Facebook’s Graph Search is not about ‘tricks’ at all. You can not fool visitors. But for those business houses which are really doing well, it is an extremely fabulous opportunity to stand out. If you make your fan happy, your business will automatically get noticed among the Facebook users. As a business entity, you need to have Facebook page. Ensure that the content on this page properly organised such as your address, phone numbers, ‘about us’ page, and you have categorised your business vertical correctly. Do not forget to add your individual/personal Facebook account to your business page.

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